Manual translation

One of the main principles of work of Translation company Azurit Inc. is performing all translation manually, without using any machine translation technologies. Machine translation may be used only after a specific request from a client. Written translation of text is performed only by the highly-qualified translators of a certain specialization, who are highly-skilled at working with one- and multi language dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias and other reference materials.

Translation company Azurit Inc. assign a task among our translators – to perform as accurate translation as possible. And this task is only possible to perform manually, as this way every word will receive enough degree of attention. Also, if a client has certain wishes to terminology, style of translation, they can only be performed during manual translation. That is why all translations we send to our clients, correspond with the following demands:
  • all terminology is coordinated with a client;
  • every text has its own unique style, that corresponds with the original;
  • any logical mistakes or irregularities are not present in a translation;
  • all names, titles and other special aspects are accounted;
  • translations do not contain misprints and other defects.

That is why we send our clients almost perfect translations. Also, in case our rules of work do not suit our client, we will always adhere to all the client`s wishes and perform exactly the translation, that is necessary for him/her.

Such versatile terms of translation are possible only due to the manual performing of all translations.

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