Examples of completed translations of instructions from English to Russian,
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from English to Spanish.
перевод инструкций




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Translation of instructions and operating instructions, as well as instructions for use come to us in a wide variety of Word, Jpeg, PDF, DWG formats. Instructions for various types of equipment, instructions for equipment, operating instructions, instructions for use contain technical and medical terminology, depending on the type of translation to which they relate. In addition to the text, the instructions have, as a rule, many graphic drawings, diagrams, tables.

This direction of technical and medical translation requires the translator of special knowledge in the field of technology and medicine. Therefore, for translating instructions we invite only philologists with higher technical or medical background, with experience in this area for at least 7-8 years.

Editors who work in our company for such projects have a secondary technical or medical background and experience not less than 8 years.

The make-up workers who work with documents such as instructions, manuals, and other documents of technical and medical directions have a narrow specialization, experience in this field for at least 7 years. This allows us to work with formats of any complexity and in different graphics programs.

Let’s discuss all peculiarities of the translation of instructions both in technology and medicine:

Narrow-Specific Terminology

The translation of instructions is found both in the translation of the technical direction and in the field of medicine. Translations of instructions can be as follows:
– instructions for the equipment;
– instructions for servicing equipment;
– equipment operation manual;
– instructions to medicines;
– instructions for medical equipment.

Proceeding from the above, such documents consist of 55% of specialized terminology. They may contain elements of technology, medicine, physics, construction, architecture. Therefore, despite the high level and specialization of all translators and editors, involved by our bureau, the glossary will serve as a good additional tool for the most accurate translation, which is more than necessary in this field of translation.

The process of working with tables and charts

The instructions contain many schemes, tables, images. The instructions are often received in PDF format.

The PDF format is editable and not editable. With an editable format, we work without attracting layout designers. For working with diagrams, color tables and images, we involve layout designers. This happens as follows:

Translator and layout maker receive a document from the manager of our company in its original form. In order to help the interpreter, our company can provide an even more convenient translation format for the document. That’s if the instructions are in PDF, Png, Jpeg format, then in addition we send the translated documents in Word format to the translator, in order to facilitate and speed up the translation process.

The translator translates at first pages with diagrams, drawings and tables. After the editor checks the completed translation pages, they are forwarded to the layout for further work. So in a parallel manner the work are doing. At the end of the translation and layout we give the text to the technical editor for the final reconciliation.

The end result of this work will be a translation in the original format with identical formatting, but already on the language which is necessary for the client.

Our company also practices joint work on large projects. That is, the client appoints from his side a responsible person who owns the necessary information, and we, for our part, allocate a personal manager for a particular project. In the process of work, they contact and coordinate the moments that have arisen during the work.

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