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Medical translation is one of the main directions of our translation agency. Its main difficulty is that it contains many specific medical terms, chemical elements, formulas, data on microbiology, images, graphs, tables. Texts and documents on medicine often are in PDF format, Power Point, as well as other image formats.

Medicine is the most serious type of translation, and therefore for our documentation our company attracts the best profile philologists with higher medical education, editors and page-proofs specialists.

To get acquainted with the full price list for the medical translation.

We will familiarize you in detail with all the specifics of the translation of medical documents in order:

Complexity of medical terms

This type of translation as a medical relates to specialized, as the text consists of medical terms on 80-90%. Also at the same time there are terms from technical topics, chemistry, physics. Therefore, for the correctness of translation or transliteration of all terms and abbreviations, it is desirable for the client to provide the GLOSSARY.

Pros of the glossary

All philologists and editors who work in our translation bureau with medical texts have a medical education and experience in translating in this direction from five years and up. And yet, despite this, a glossary is necessary and useful in working with medical translation.

As a rule, the glossary gives the translator the necessary information on the translation of terms and abbreviations that can be generally accepted in the client’s company, but are not known to the translator. Thus, the glossary helps the translator to find the necessary terms in the translation, information about which is restricted in free access.

In addition, the glossary speeds up the translation and editorial work on the text.

Different format of medical translations

Translation of medicine differs from the translation of pharmaceuticals primarily in its format.

If there are many tables in the translation of pharmaceuticals, the translation of medical documents is often presented in the form of text with images, graphs, simple tables.

To translate medical documents with a large number of illustrations and graphics, we involve in the work on such a project of page-proofs specialists. At the same time additional time is taken into account for the document in the proper form.

The text increases by 10-12% – when translating from a foreign language, for example, into Ukrainian or Russian, – this is the coefficient that experienced managers of our office always take into account when calculating the original text.

If you need medical translation into one of Asian languages, for example, to Japanese, then you should know that the text will decrease by almost 2-2.5 times in size.

Therefore, translating into Japanese, Chinese or Korean languages, we inform the client about this moment and coordinate the formatting of the translation for the original.

Also, you should know that when translating from / into Asian languages, signs are always considered only in Russian or Ukrainian texts.

Difficulties of handwriting of medical documents

Often the medical documents of the prescribed forms are filled out by the medical personnel by hand. In 70% of such forms, references, conclusions, directions of handwriting is INAPERTIVE.

Those 30% of medical documents written by hand, where the handwritten text can be understood and disassembled, we immediately put into work the interpreter. Some translators for handwritten text take the tariff a bit higher than usual. This feature when working with handwritten texts, we also take into account and negotiate with the client.

In the other 70%, if the document is directly belongs to the client, and he knows his diagnosis, we jointly restore the essence of the handwritten document and only after that the already printed document is given to the translator for translation.

In any case, either by case or advice, our specialists will always help you!

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