Specialized translators

Specialized translators – are translators, that have two or more high educations, or have an experience in the certain field of more than 10 years. One can become a specialized translator only through many years of perfecting his skills and mastery. That is why we can believe, that only such translators can perform a competent and accurate translation on any text. In Translation company Azurit Inc. work only such translators.

Our managers only give orders to those translators, who specialize in a field of the text. We perform translations of such themes:

  • juridical translations;
  • economical translations;
  • medical translations;
  • pharmacologic translations;
  • biological translations;
  • ecological translations;
  • machine building translations;
  • metal-rolling translations;
  • building translations;
  • constructive translations;
  • philosophical translations;
  • philological translations;
  • political translations;
  • scientific translations;
  • and many-many more.

Also, our translators may perform a test translation specifically for Your order, so that You could know, what translation You will receive. And You will have an opportunity to chose among various test works of different translators. Our managers will select for You a supremely convenient and suitable translation, that You will like.

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