Individual approach

Every enterprise has its own rules of working with clients and partners and, usually, those rules are based on the statistical experience of the enterprise. Translation company Azurit Inc. provides a special method of working with clients, as we understand, that every order is special. For example, an order to translate the company statute and an order to translate a personal set of documents have a completely different specific, different translators should be engaged in the executing of them, different terms should be set, pay attention to different aspects in those documents. Our employees always try to understand the situation of a client and all conditions, that he provides us with.

We also try to make the price for our services as convenient as possible: we provide discounts for constant clients as well as for new ones and, surely, we provide discounts for large orders.

Our employees discuss all stages of an order with a client: terms, price, terminology, glossary, proofreading, page proofs and others, that may occur, depending on the specific and special trades of an order. We always try to make advances to our clients, that is why we always try to establish a trust-based relations with our clients for the comfort cooperation; we always select translators specifically for every order; we always involve only qualified specialists for every order.

Every year of our work we perfect our technologies of accepting and processing of orders, become more sensitive and understandable. If You need to receive a qualitative translation from kindly people, contact Translation company Azurit Inc.

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