How to keep professionally calm when customer changes his decisions?

How to keep professionally calm when customer changes his decisions in more than 25 large documents a day, to translate or not to translate, when a text should be ready yesterday.

Any man has one bad habit – to postpone all tasks for the last day. But when speaking of document translation for participating in international tenders, that will happened tomorrow, it is serious. Not long ago a request came to our translation agency to translate a very large set of documents from English to Poland on urgent tariff.

Everyone probably know that translation from one foreign language to another is made with the use of transit language, this process usually takes more time than usual translation and involves more professional translators. Every minute is at stake in such situation. In our case it was even more difficult because of customer`s behavior, who during whole day kept changing documents, sending new ones, which had to be calculated, confirmed his order and refused from it entirely. He sent new sets of documents, than he changed his mind and asked to work with primal versions; he even changed a language of translation. In the morning of a next day he confirmed that after all he needs a translation of some documents, which he confirmed yesterday and their translation was ready. At some point it seemed that this chaos will never end and will consume all employees of our translation agency, the amount of translation was immerse. But thanks to the professionalism of our translators, we kept calm and tried to understand a customer and his situations.

Final version of a translation of all necessary documents customer received in time and wined his tender. He thanked our translation agency for our harmonious work and stressed that it is a pleasure to work with such professionals. He said that he will fork only with our agency in the future.

Urgent translations have always been one of the most difficult and tricky types of translation. To simplify an urgent translation ordering for you we will share some secrets that will probably come in handy to keep calm with urgent translation for both a customer and employees of translation agency. To reinsure yourself you should try to discuss even urgent terms to be little less than real ones. If suddenly translation agency will be late with completing an order, you will receive your translation in time.

Speaking of urgent translations, all set of documents gets divided between several translators so even a qualified translator not always can be responsible for his colleague`s work. To avoid disagreements in translated document, provide translators with all additional information, for example, names of companies in foreign language, often used termini, it will swifter the process of translation and maximize quality. Another way to receive a qualified translation is to ask a completed text to be proofread by your company`s employee. But this method is not always possible, as not all employees master foreign languages. If you provide all additional information to a translation agency beforehand and consult them if necessary, thanks to this tandem translation will be made in time and it will be of perfect quality.

In urgent translation price plays a major role. Price for urgent translation is always twice as high compared to a normal one, sometimes it is half as high. You should discuss all conditions of payment and price before the start of the translation process. If you make changes into documents or add new ones, you should be ready for the price at the end of the translation process to be higher than planned. Usually, standard scheme of translation agency`s work concerning payment is very simple: first you make prepayment, which amount differs with each representative of linguistic services field and later, as an order is complete, customer pays the rest. But many translation agencies may ask to pay the whole price prior to the start of work. In this case you should be a 100% sure that the executants will not let you down. If cooperation between a customer and a translation agency has a long history than customer can pay for work beforehand or afterwards.

Concerning terms of performing urgent translations, it is hard to tell the exact amount of time that finishing an order will take. All terms are set by a customer when making an order. Sometimes a customer sets absolutely unreal time frames, than our translation agency will not take an order, as quality is the major thing in our work, and it is not always possible to provide a qualitative translation in the minimal terms.

Urgent translations are sometimes impossible to perform. Many factors influence task completion, for example, an amount of work a translator has, translation language, unstandardized demands of a customer etc. Our translation agency undertakes urgent translations only if it is ready to bear responsibility for the quality and preciseness of translated document.

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