Translation of the catalog and other marketing products.

Who will be interesting this service?

Translation of the catalog is interesting to any company which produces certain products. Different catalogs are used as a way to convey information to consumers and partners. There are the following types of the catalogs: exhibition, trade, image and advertising.

Client can order the translation and layout of the catalog when releasing a new collection of products, before exhibition in a new season, when updating a series of products. Participation in exhibitions and presentations of product catalogs in a foreign language helps attract new buyers and improving the company image. Translation of the catalogs will be interesting for companies, which export their products all over the world.

Here are the basic rules for the correct translation of the catalogs

  • Translation must be competent, clearly convey the contents of the original, and only that information which through a short description the manufacturer reports to the buyer. Very important that the text is unique, clearly convey the contents of the original without mistakes and not overwhelmed by the facts.
  • Translation must take up the same space as the original. This is achieved by the efforts of experienced translators and editors of the Translation Agency. The adaptation of the text to the desired original format begins already at the stage of translation.
  • Translation does not have to be machine or emergency, otherwise not avoid unpleasant surprises. Translation of highly specialized terms may not be respond to field of application and units of measurement, abbreviations, titles and other important elements may not translate correct or decrypted. When works an experienced translator such confusion can be avoided mainly through a glossary of terminology and abbreviations, and also due to communication with a customer representative on controversial issues and important details.

The layout of the translated catalog

The layout of the catalog is not easy task which needs availability of the necessary specialists. The layout is taken into account the format of the catalog, availability of corporate font, color, image quality, the availability of the source document in different graphic program.

In the availability of the above parameters, quality of the layout of the catalog in foreign language will be the maximum and identical to the original catalog.

Translation and layout services are convenient to order in one company because any changes made extremely quickly in catalog and don’t need any additional efforts from the customer’s side.

Correctly compiled, translated and layout catalog which forms an idea of benefit of a specific product or service is an important tool for conviction potential customers.

You can order translation of the catalog for telephone numbers:

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Please send your request via email [email protected] or [email protected] and our managers will contact you!


If you are still thinking, please send your catalog, we will translate it and layout any page of it in test mode.

Therefore, if you need to translate catalog, you are welcome to sent it to us, and you will be pleased with the result!

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. has been working in this field for more than 12 years and provides only the best specialists for translation projects of the catalogs and other marketing products. We work with a native speakers and it guarantees that the translated catalog will convey the pledged meaning, all the subtleties of a specific area which are planned to convey to a potential customer.

Often, turnkey catalogs translation is practiced. It is provide translation and professional layout of the catalog.

For the layout service, we are involved in the project draftsmen which work in a variety of graphics programs.

Their works are satisfying our customers, and we believe that we could make our modest contribution in success of their enterprises.

Therefore, if you trust the translation of the catalog to us, we guarantee at least three things

  • high quality translation;
  • a temperate budget;
  • operative work.

Short examples of our work:

Translation and layout from English into Russian







Translation and layout from English into Russian





Translation and layout from Czech into Russian








Translation and layout from English into Ukrainian








Translation and layout from Russian into Ukrainian








Interesting facts about the appearance of the first catalog


The history of the first catalog occurrence is quite interesting.

Nowadays, the first country of printed catalog was USA in 1872.

The history of the first printed catalog occurrence was next.

Once upon a time, a seller Aaron and since 1872 already head of one of the units Aaron Montgomery collide with a problem of selling seasonal stale goods. Neither manipulations with discounts, nor the distributors who were riding did not help sell such a goods.

Then Montgomery decided that of calling customers to shopping malls doesn’t work. Even the discounts didn’t force people to go to the mall which was not nearby for all inhabitants. Such trips were costly in meaning of the cost of the road.

After he decided if you can’t Muhammad to the mountain, then you got to get Muhammad to bring the mountain…

By that time, post office in the United States was working well) and Montgomery made way out with a situation – he printed on an ordinary A4 sheet the list of stale goods and made a brief manual how to order such a goods. Such a kind of catalog of goods was look like a postcard which sent to customers.  And the wonder was happen! Demand for stale goods exceeded all expectations and all goods were sold out!

Montgomery immediately understood what he had to do and created own store of goods having invested $ 2.5 thousand as seed capital. Business has move. Years later his company produced catalogs the circulation of which exceeded hundreds of thousands of copies. Lists of goods exceeded tens of thousands. Later, the Montgomery Company made a special record – printed catalog weighed about 2 kg with a total circulation of 3 million copies.

The further fate of the Montgomery Ward company and his founder Aaron Montgomery is another story, but no less interesting…

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