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Technical documentation applies equally to all areas of translation, namely, aviation, medicine, engineering, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas industry, light industry, heavy engineering, IT, business and economics.

Technical documentation is a set of documentation used in the design, manufacture, and operation of various technical objects.

In construction – is the construction of buildings and structures;

In industry – is the production and operation of goods;

In all other areas where there are mechanical or electrical devices and equipment – this is hardware and software.

Translation of technical documentation is divided into many types: construction documentation, technological documentation, technological assignment for product development, etc.

In turn, the translation of construction technical documentation includes:

– operating instructions is a set of rules, norms and characteristics for the proper operation of a building or structure.

– repair documentation is a list of norms, rules for maintenance and repair of buildings and structures.

The translation of technological documentation includes documents:

– which determine the technological cycle of a good or product;

– that contains all information that necessary for the correct organization of products manufacture and materials and their further repair.

Technical documentation can be classified as source, planning, operational and information.

Under the translation of the original documentation, we mean a translation of:

– applications for the development of products and materials;

– terms of reference, development recommendations;

– technical tasks.

Planning documentation is:

– translation of the technical proposal;

– translation of the outline design;

– translation of technical passport.

Translation of operational technical documentation is presented by such documents as:

– construction and technological documentation;

– operating instructions and repair documentation.

Translation of information documents is determined by the following documents:

– patents;

– quality maps:

– information card for economic efficiency;

– product catalogs;

– reports on patent research;

– protocols of drug testing;

– acts and expert opinions.

Translation of technical documentation also means the translation of technical passports, technical literature and technical manuals.

Translation of technical documentation contains specialized terminology of the direction to which it refers. Similar documentation is provided to us in the Word, PDF, Jpeg, Png formats. In addition, it can be provided in different graphic and drawing programs.

Due to its specificity for translating technical documentation, we involve specialists of different qualifications and specialties. All translators of this direction have higher education and minimum experience of translation from 8 years and above.

The editorial staff has a higher technical education and work experience is more than 10 years. Layout designers of our translation agency work with technical documentation of any format.

Let’s analyze all the features of technical translation:

Narrowly specialized terminology in translation

Translation of technical documentation is a specialized text, 70% of which is a text format and 30% are drawings, schemes, tables.

Drawings, schemes of technical documentation

Drawings and schemes in the translation of technical documentation – this is primarily the work of the page-proofs designer. There is a little text array in translation of schemes and drawings, therefore translation of inscriptions to schemes and drawings occupies a little time. However, with a large amount of such documents, the translation does not happen quickly.

For a correct calculation of the volume of the translated text, we transform the file into the format we need, for example, into the Word format. This allows us to quickly and accurately determine the volume of text by symbols and correctly plan the work for this project.

The process of translating technical documentation

The project manager sends the original text to the interpreter and the page-proofs designer. First of all, the interpreter translates those pages, which are subject to layout, making a translation table in two columns, from left to right. The finished translation is sent to the editor, after – to the page-proofs designer. The ready translation of text and graphic pages is compiled and subtracted by the editor. Final checking is made by the project manager.

We will perform the translation and layout of your biggest project qualitatively and quickly.

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