Translation and page proofs of drawings

Do you need translation and page proofs of drawings in AutoCad, Compas or Visio? In addition, it is necessary that the translation was made directly to the engineering software, and you are concerned about the quality of the finished translation of drawings? Do not worry, trust our experts. We will invite for your project the best translators in the field of technical translation and specialists working in programs for computer-aided design. You definitely will be satisfied with the result and will be able to use the finished product in your order without problems.

Example of translation and page proofs of AutoCad drawings from Ukrainian into English

Пример перевода и верстки чертежей AutoCad Пример перевода и верстки чертежей AutoCad






Example of translation and layout of Compas drawings from Russian into English

Пример перевода и верстки чертежей Compas Пример перевода и верстки чертежей Compas






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Translation of drawings is almost impossible without page proofs, because in its specificity, all drawings are performed in programs such as AutoCad, Compas or Visio. Subjects of the text of drawings are often construction, technical, and sometimes medical. This kind of services is complicated not only by narrow specificity, but also by work in graphic programs.

 The translation of drawings differs from other types of translations and services by the saturation of drawings, tables and charts. The technical terminology, acronyms and abbreviations are 90 percent of the text.

Due to the technical specifics of the text and the need to translate the drawing programs, we usually invite specialists from the field of technical translation and specialists working in the programs AutoCad, Compas or Visio to carry out such projects. To such projects, we are allowed only practicing technical translators with experience more than 10 years, and no less experienced specialists in page-proofs.

To get acquainted with the price for the page-proofs of the drawings.

Features of drawings translation in different programs for computer-aided design:

Translation of text in drawings

Often the text in technical drawings contains a lot of terminology from the field of construction, security devices, and other narrow specialization of a particular project (drawing). For example, project documentations in the form of drawings and the contained text may refer either to the construction of a multistory building, or to the construction of a road, or to the assembly of aircraft in the aviation field, or to the assembly of metallurgical equipment, machinery, equipment from different areas of industry, both heavy and light. Therefore, the qualification of an interpreter and layout designer should be appropriate. If there is an opportunity to provide a glossary for translators, this is welcome.

Work on drawings and diagrams

As a rule, there is some text in drawings of A4 format and schemes, often the text can be repeated. Basically, these are short inscriptions, measuring magnitudes, names. In addition, in the drawings of A2 or A3 format, text can be located up to 2-3 pages. One calculation page contains 1800 characters with spaces.

Exclusively layout specialists perform work on translation in drawings, in the AutoCad program. AutoCad also has the function of uploading files in PDF format. It is very convenient for counting the text, and we work in this way. We transform the received drawings in PDF format with ABBY PDF Transformer + into Word format. This allows us to accurately determine the volume of text by symbols and correctly distribute the work between the translator, the layout designer and the editor.

The process of translating text in AutoCad, Compas, or Visio drawings

The project manager, selecting the right executors, that is, the required number of technical translators and layout designers with whom previously signed non-disclosure agreements, downloads the documentation and drawings to the file sharing system, and sends the executors a download link. A transformed document format is provided in order to help the translator. That is, if the drawings are in DWG-format, then in addition we send the translated documents to the translator in PDF or Word format, in order to facilitate and speed up the translation process. The translator in this case does not take the time to upload files from the DWG or other format.

Of the total volume provided for translation, in addition to the drawings, there is also technical documentation, which is also provided in AutoCad or PDF format. When working with the layout-designer, the translator performs the translation in the following sequence: drawings with a small amount of text; drawings that are more complete; technical documentation. Translator forms the translation of drawings in the form of a table (original / translation).The translation is executed sequentially by blocks in the direction “from left to right”. This sequence allows the layout-designer to clearly distribute the translation in the drawing. The sequence system in the selection of files for translation allows you to work with the translator in simultaneous with the translator, and complete the work at the same time.

The project manager sends the finished translation to the editorial staff; the translation is verified and proofreaded and, if necessary, the necessary changes are made by the make-up artists. Further, the rendered symbols of the translation are miscalculated, payment is made and the drawings are sent to the client.

As a result, you will receive a quality translation of the drawings in the original program, AutoCad, Compas or Visio.

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