Technical translation

Technical translation is a specialized type of translation, filled with technical terms, abbreviations, figures, graphics, drawings and schemes. This type of translation demands special skills and knowledge form translators.

Technical texts are quite often to store in such formats as *.pdf, *.dwg, *.png, *.ai, *.cdr, *.pub, *.dsf and others, they can be translated by four different ways:

  • in *.doc(x) file without images, text only;
  • in *.doc(x) file without images that we extract from your source document with captions translated;
  • using the same file extension as your source document, preserving the whole formatting and file extension;
  • using the suggested file extension, taking into account all your demands that you can direct to our managers.

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. is proud of its reliable connections with highly-qualified translation specialists. We offer more than 1000 of freelance translators who proved their reputation and qualification throughout many years of our clients’ successful project implementation.

70% of our translators have two specialized degrees and more than 10 years of working with technical documents. Translating technical documents with large volumes and short deadlines, we work as a well-oiled machine and complete the tasks set with the customer’s wishes taken into account, if any.

We translate:

  • operational guidelines (industrial equipment, aviation, household equipment, technical equipment for various companies and organizations);
  • technical descriptions of products and goods for export and import;
  • guidelines for production of international components;
  • drawings and designs;
  • specialized promotional materials of technical nature, etc.

To do this, we engage:

  • translators with two specialized degrees;
  • translators, who work in this field worldwide;
  • page designers to design forms, drawings, plans, etc, if necessary.

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. offers such a sophisticated service as a technical translation of documents and texts at affordable prices. The price for translation may vary depending on the format of your document to be translated.

If you need a high-quality technical translation within the established time limit and a reliable partner to deliver these services on a long term basis, our company offers itself as the one.

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