Literature translation

Our world develops so fast, that we just cannot allow ourselves not to keep up with it. Today it is necessary  to be able to perform any work in a matter of hours, when just few years ago such work could take more, then 2 days. That is why Translation company Azurit Inc. makes all the efforts to keep up with such speed.

Literature translation of books and other publications is among the most complicated types of translations.

Our translation agency includes translators of such proficiency, whose professional background proudly reveal about 20 000 pages of literature.

How do we perform literature translation?

We offer you a translation of a small text segment free-of-charge by three different translators of this field. It allows you to chose the best translation to replicate the author’s manner and style as close as possible. It is very much possible and real with our translation agency.

A high-quality literature translation needs time and a single translator to be working throughout the project. A literature translation cannot be rushed. That is why we estimate time for translation of books or a collection of books. When translating a collection of books, we can send each translated book when ready.

In addition to a translator, we have a literature editor working at the project simultaneously. These two works are performed simultaneously to reduce the deadlines.

We accept the text originals in any available and client-friendly format. A translated document can be delivered as a Word or PDF document, or in any other format indicated before the project start.

If you address a company with little experience to complete such work, you risk wasting your time and money delivering no desired results whatsoever.

You can avoid a poor translation if you come for this service to Translation Agency Azurit Inc.. To perform translation of a book or any other fiction, our experts can estimate the deadlines to the day. They shall find the right translator per such criteria as stylistics, field of study and other translator’s performance indicators, or they can send texts to the translator whose test translation you found most relevant. Completes the tasks set in professional manner and on time.

What kind of literature we translate:

  • translation of books;
  • translation of movie scripts;
  • translation of musical scripts;
  • translation of lyrics;
  • translation of poetry;
  • translation of movies;
  • translation of cartoons.

And of course, what kind of literature translation can be performed without such artistic devices:

  • metaphors used to describe character’s qualities;
  • comparisons, the absence of which make impossible the transmission of structural features of characters and stylistics;
  • irony that helps to express a difference of speech and compare the impossible;
  • vernacularisms used in literature to depict jargon, curses and local expressions preserving their stylistic devices;
  • wordplay used to convey the meaning of the source language speech;
  • playing words in contrast implies construction of long and short sentences, etc.

We would be glad to translate the most ambitious literature projects.

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