Legal translation

Legal translation implies translation of legal documents used for exchange of legal information. To convey the language of legal documents, the translation must be 100% accurate and correct.

We have translated documents of this field for 10 years, delivering legal translations in more than 80 languages.

We perform high-quality translation of the following legal documents:

  • legal translation of sales and purchase agreements;
  • sale and delivery agreement;
  • translation of lease agreements;
  • non-disclosure agreements;
  • translation of cooperation agreements;
  • translation of partnership agreements;
  • translation of contracts;
  • translation of charters (articles of association);
  • translation of constitutive documents;
  • translation of legal documents;
  • translation of international legal acts;
  • translation of legal documents and court decisions.

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. is ideal for performing legal translations thanks to our vast staff of translators:

  • more than 100 pages a day;
  • more than 200 pages a day;
  • till 600 pages a week.

Translation of agreement or contract, as a rule, in two columns (placing source on the left and translation on the right, or vice versa). This type of layout and other formatting both light and complicated is performed by our Translation Agency free of charge.

For the agreement to be signed with a partner, one has to know the contents of the agreement. That is why translation of agreements can be performed in two languages (with two columns) for convenience to both parties.

To do this, we engage:

  • translators with two specialized degrees;
  • translators, who worked in this field for more than 5 years;
  • independent consultants in the field of law, if needed.

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. offers such service as translation of legal documents, at affordable prices. The price for translation may also vary depending on the amount of medical terminology of the text, as well as its formatting tasks to be complete.

If you are looking for a reliable company with specialists of the needed proficiency and resources to cope with legal translations on a long term basis at the attractive rates, then our translation agency is exactly what you need.

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