Quality Assurance

Over the years of operation, The Translation Agency Azurit Inc. has managed to improve the steadfast quality assurance system. We follow all the innovations and breakthroughs in IT, personnel management and customers interaction.

 Our agency basic principles of quality assurance:

  • a careful selection of managers, editors, proofreaders, translators and page designers. We cooperate only with highly qualified experts with more than 7 years of experience. All our technical translators have two higher educations among other things: one philological and the other one is related to their field of expertise.
  • the modern technologies we use to make translations more accurate, consistency of terms, a faster project completion.
  • a multi-stage translation verification system. We translate, then review the language stylistics, then we proofread and format a document to match it with the original the best way possible and only then we send it to a client.
  • many years of working experience. Over the time of our operation, we completed various projects: translation of charters, instructions, contracts and commercial offers, the translational support of medical, industrial, and interstate conferences, urgent translations in the amount of more than 1000 pages a week, assistance on meetings, court sessions and executives meetings, preparation of police clearance certificates for corporate trips. We will complete your any task!


  • processing of any possible client`s requirements;
  • our expert’s attention to comply with all your wishes;
  • creation of glossaries for each separate client for the purpose of potential cooperation in the future;
  • quality assurance for all integral parts of the project;
  • implementation of the quality control on all stages of the work;
  • creation of a list of special requirements for all experts working on the project;
  • creation and accumulation of translation memories in a variety of subjects;
  • clients poll and analysis of its results intended to increase the quality of our services and enhance cooperation.

 We guarantee:

  • an Impeccable quality of our translations;
  • an accomplishment of your project strictly to the specified deadlines;
  • an adherence to all demands of formatting, stylistics etc;
  • a non-disclosure of your private data that stays in our agency;
  • swiftness in the search of translators with required languages and qualification;
  • our managers’ friendliness and tolerance;
  • a responsibility for all stages of the project.
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