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Pharmaceutical translation differs from other types of translation in that it is saturated with medical and pharmaceutical terminology, Latin terms and theses, chemical formulas, tables of different formats and sizes. In addition, this kind of text, like pharmaceuticals, is most often organized in the form of tables.

Pharmaceutics is one of the most difficult areas of translation and consequently the price of pharmaceutical translation corresponds to its degree of complexity.

To get acquainted with the full price list for the pharmaceuticals translation.

Let’s consider all the features of the pharmaceutical translation in order:

Terminology in translation

This type of translation refers to highly specialized, as the texts consist of 90% of medical terms, which include pharmacy, chemistry, and sometimes physics. Therefore, for the correct translation of all terms, the client is advised to provide the GLOSSARY.

Translation according to glossary

The glossary, as a rule, contains that information on terminology and abbreviations, which is generally accepted in a specific company, and is unknown to translators. Thus, the glossary can help with the translation of terminology, which is not freely available in dictionaries.

The presence of a glossary has a positive effect on the result of the work and in many cases speeds up the work of translators and editors.

All of our translators have a higher medical education in the field of pharmaceuticals or medicine, as well as a wealth of experience from 7 years and up. Even so, a document such as a glossary is necessary and useful when working with pharmaceutical documentation.

As for Latin, which is found in the texts on pharmaceuticals or medicine: terms or theses in Latin does not always need to translate. Sometimes these or other terms must be left without translation or they are known in Russian as a transliteration. This refers to those terms that are familiar to the general public and are found in the world of pharmaceuticals, for example, the name of the drugs, the chemical constituent, etc.

The specialized translators of our translation bureau know all the specifics of working with this subject, what terms should be left in the original in Latin, which should be transliterated and which ones to translate.

Translation of formulas

Formulas in pharmaceutical translations should remain in the same form as they are in the original, basically they are cut out with a picture and inserted into the translation. But the designation of the elements of the formula is translated by the formula.

In addition to the formulas in the translation of pharmaceutical texts there are many quantitative indicators and units of measurement.

It is very important to translate them correctly, and only a specialized experienced translator can do this.

Translating from a foreign language, for example, from English to Russian, as a rule, the size is recalculated according to the list of values generally accepted in Ukraine, the United States and other countries.

Before we start working on the translation, we agree with the client whether to perform a conversion of units of measurement.

Tables in pharmaceutics translation

As a rule, 70-80% of the document consists of tables, different in size and structure. Therefore, in a text editor this type of translation is more difficult to perform and it takes more time for it than for a plain text format.

Our translation agency takes into account this peculiarity and complexity in calculating the duration of this project.

We devote editorial work much more time in translating pharmaceutical documents in this format.

Table page-proofs

Such a service as page-proofs makes a special difference, when counting the translation of medical or pharmaceutical documents. Our managers pay special attention to the tables in the text, when calculating the document. Since this is important for determining the timing and cost of work.

Tables can be inserted with a “picture” and such tables are not counted in the service when calculating the total number of characters in the document.

If such tables are available, then we agree with the client on this point. We offer at least two options for working with tablets.

First, you order from us a service of professional page-proofs by tables. Second, we offer standard formatting, creating tables that are as close to the original as possible. The second option does not imply additional payment, but the execution time will increase, taking into account the additional complexity in the formatting of tables.

For the page-proofs of documents, we involve our best professionals in this field, who quickly make tables page-proofs. We also have extensive experience in translation and layout of pharmaceutical texts in PDF, Power Point.

We also offer our clients to work together, that is, to consult in the course of working with a specialist of the company who knows the terminology and knows all the subtleties that must be taken into account when translating. This helps to achieve the ideal translation of pharmaceutical documentation.

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