Pharmaceutical translation is a specialized translation, which is essentially a text with a high number of medical terms and references. This type of translation requires a translator to have thorough knowledge in the field of physics, chemistry and many years of professional background.

Such translations are high in demand, because pharmaceutical companies test and produce new drugs for humans and animals more and more. Pharmaceutical companies and factories produce and market their products all over the world, therefore, such translation works are relevant and require a translation agency to have many years of professional experience and qualified translators.

Our translation agency can deliver you an accurate and high-quality translation of any pharmaceutical text, laboratory study instructions, — a pharmaceutical document of any complexity in time and in any language.

We work with more than 80 languages of different countries and continents.

We translate:

  • pharmaceutical drug prescriptions;
  • scientific publcations on pharmaceuticals;
  • laboratory research documentation;
  • promotional materials for export and import of pharmaceutical drugs and components.

To do this, we engage:

  • translators with two specialized degrees;
  • translators, who work in this field worldwide;
  • independent consultants in the pharmaceutical field, if needed.

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. offers such a sophisticated service as a pharmaceutical translation of documents and texts at affordable prices. The price for translation may also vary depending on the amount of specialized terminology used in the text.

If you are looking for a reliable company with specialists of the needed proficiency and resources to cope with pharmaceutical translations on a long term basis at the attractive rates, then our translation agency is exactly what you need.

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