More than 10 years of experience

Translation company Azurit Inc. was established in 2006. Every year, month and day employees of the agency perfect and improve their work to correspond with all innovations and advance the quality of work of the entire field. During 10 years of work translation agency Azurit managed to achieve the high level of work and gathered the necessary experience to execute any given order in the field of translation. Our team can manage with such tasks:

  • translation to/from more than 100 languages;
  • translation from one foreign language to another;
  • translation of more than 300 pages in 5 days, as part of one order;
  • translation of large orders by 1-10 translators, depending on the urgency;
  • creating of glossaries for all translations of one company;
  • translation of texts drawings, schemes, plans and other documents, that need page proofing;
  • translation of a complete package of documents for competitive tender in 1 work day;
  • translation of extracts, checks and otheк bank documents of any amount in 1 work day;
  • translation of personal documents and it`s notary certification in 1 hour;
  • localization of a site to 1-7 languages in 5 work days etc.

Thanks to good complete relations with our employees and translators, Translation company Azurit Inc. can execute any order in any terms.

Our company is always ready for new cooperation and mutual aid in translation field and more.

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