Web-site Translation and Localization

Translation Agency Azurit Inc. offers web-site translation and localization services. Web-site localization essentially is a transfer of the same information with the same contents of the source web-site in the language you need. We can save all images, interface, sensitive information, diagrams and so forth.

We also offer web-site support services. That means, if we have localized your site, then we continue translating your content on your web-site, i.e. news, articles, new sections, changes and so forth.

Our technical department, namely, programmers and other IT specialists, who work in the most modern and popular programs. We assure you that if you acquire full package of our services, which includes programming, design and so on, each bit of your content shall be unique.

If you wish, we can work together with your experts to facilitate and improve the work.

Our Translation Agency will:

  • translate web-site content of any field for any target audience;
  • language support for sites;
  • web-site programming;
  • optimization of web-site texts to comply with search engine requirements;
  • translation of orgnizational parts of the web-site (shortcuts, tags, etc.)
  • Site coding;
  • Translation Agency Azurit Inc. adapts to each project. We hear our clients. But in addition, we run localization studies of our own. We check what phrases and patterns used on such sites, what words affect your clients more and then, we can deliver a report for the works performed, if needed. Because this information allows us to select words on the translated web-site and try to make it for our client’s future customers as much correct and easy-to-understand as possible.
  • the cost for translating web-sites depends on the volume, subject matter, and technical composition of the site. Our translation agency strives to find the most comfortable rates for our clients. Still, there is difference in rates between web-site translations, optimized for flash and sites, created on html. The cost is also influenced by the density of terminology in the text.

Our translation agency can create a unique web-site, perform a translation into more than 80 languages at the steadfast basis, provide technical support of the site and consultation.

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