Caution! SHAKERS or how not to be caught in a net of translators-tricksters

To our great regret, very often translation agencies become victims of shakers, so-called false translators, who, under cover of taking an order to work, try to entice a certain advance amount for a translation that either does not perform at all, or is performed partially in the form to which the word “quality” is absolutely inapplicable, or, when carrying out the translation, they are engaged in blackmail. And our bureau, alas, has fallen a victim of such cases, because the human factor plays for us a great role, we sincerely want to treat each client and translator, believing in mutual understanding and honesty of intentions. But not all have such virtues.

Therefore, our bureau, for its part, would like to warn and thus protect our colleagues and clients from such rogues and, for this purpose, we would like to describe some cases of fraud, in case of a possible confrontation with which you could act decisively and refuse work with similar subjects. Below are the described cases from our employees:

Project coordinator of the Translation Bureau “Azurit”, Babak Anastasia:

I would like to highlight the name of the translator Arina Raitman (Арина Райтман), with whom we had a very pleasant case. We were in search of a Hebrew translator, because we worked on large orders. This translator herself sent us a resume with a strong desire to work with our company, and we contacted her to propose a translation project. We certainly checked the quality of the translation by receiving a test translation of 1 page (1800 characters with spaces) and agreed with the translator about assigning her an order, describing all our rules for working with a new translator (collecting intermediate translations in standard days, postpayments, etc .) and fixing the tariffs. All conditions were approved by the translator, she confirmed and agreed. And then immediately we ask to pay attention to the tactics of correspondence: short sentences, with an agreement on everything, thanksgiving and a postscript of the name at the end:

“Good evening, I will translate till November, 8 by 12:00, but I’ll send the translation before 10:00 so that you do not worry, I’m in Moscow now, call me anytime, I will be happy to work with you, Arina”

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we repeatedly register the payment format for the order: after the transfer of the translation on the same day – 50% of the payment (as a new translator for the first time, so that he does not worry and could make sure that we work honestly and openly) and the second part of payment to the established bureau dates, and Mrs. Raitman agreed again, as she had repeatedly agreed on many occasions:

“Yes, I remember about payment, I’m still translating”

For this tanslator, we also made concessions and paid for the first test page she sent. Thus, each side was able to back up its replies and promises with the actions performed:

“I received the money, thanks”

And now the moment of sending of intermediate translations came. The translator immediately changed her tactics and began to write that she was working on the translation with might and main, and would send out a fuller part later, so as not to send pieces:

“I continue to translate, did not even stop, tomorrow I will send you the entire translation”

We immediately noticed something was wrong, because our arguments that we had agreed with her about the conditions, and she herself confirmed and agreed to send the intermediate piece – were as if missed or “not noticed” by her in the correspondence:

“You made sure of my translation, please pay for the stops and I’ll send the translation, Arina”

We gave half of the project to another translator who was just free of his work. But the project was big and complex, and the entire order was not immediately divided between the new translators. We continued our search and did not lose hope that the translatorr would still send some of the translation. But all in vain. We were followed by an ultimatum to pay in advance for the part, and then only we can get a translation:

“Yes, I received the money, thank you, you can pay for 10 pages, I’ll send you a the translation, thanks, Arina”

That is, everything changed, she began to give up her words and demanded an advance payment. We managed to persuade her to the option of sending a page-by-page translation:

“.. you do not have to pay all at once, if you are afraid.

  Pay for 1 page, 1 page I will send, then pay the next, etc. the whole order”

“No need to pay for 2 or for everything, pay for 1 and one you will get”

We paid for the next page, and she sent her translation. Next, we paid again for 2 pages and hardly waited for the sent pages:

“I send the translation for 360 rubles”

But the translation was sent separately, but not in order. Thus, she tried to lull vigilance, like, everything is fine, you pay, I send, and, it means, that everything is ready and the translation is in a process. We paid in just a few pages, and then an open blackmail began. Ms. Raitman refused to send paid translation pages and required full payment for the entire amount:

“… be kind, pay for the translation in full and I’ll send it completely …”

All the cases, requests and arguments (copied her consent to postpay to her, etc.) were in vain. She rudely responded and refused everything, accusing us of fraud, although she took the money and blackmailed us:

“Do not be fooled, you sell the translation for 10 times more expensive, have a heart, invest your money, these kopecks, and I’ll send you the translation and as a result you will get a lot of money for my translation, make the right decision and then everything will be fine, and so what will you achieve? You will just lose the customer? Do you want it? “

“If there is no full payment for my work, I delete your file …”

We got out of the situation, the translation was finally delivered in good quality and the customer was satisfied. But I can not explain the inadequacy of this subject so far. Perhaps this is a well-planned tactic, fraud, or maybe just a small “trick.” We ask you to remember this name and photo, and be attentive in such situations.


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