Thirst for "easy" money ..

Very often the translation agency, due to its kind of activity, has to work with translators from different countries. This complicates communication, but sometimes comes to the rescue, when the languages are really very rare. Our office also periodically works in rare languages with translators from other countries, as well as directly with native speakers. And in such cases you have to be very vigilant or take risks. We want to talk about one galling experience for us with a “translator” of a rare language, namely, Vietnamese.

So, this person is Yana Skrypnik. Her e-mail is Yana Skrypnik [email protected] We received a letter from her with a proposal for cooperation on the translation of rare languages:

Hello, dear translation agency!

I offer translations from / into Chinese, Vietnamese, English at a price of 3 dollars into language, 2 dollars from the language. Higher education (bachelor’s degree at the DSU, philological faculty), since 2013 I live permanently in Hanoi (I work as a guide and translator for Vietnam), I translate without prepayments, if necessary, I will do a small test translation, the subjects are different.

  Best regards,

  Skrypnik Yana

  + 84 ~ 24 ~ 3856 2289

We had a request to translate one project from Vietnamese into Russian, and we fixed the order for this translator, having previously received a test translation from her. The rate, working conditions, mutual settlement – everything was agreed and approved by the translator:

Thank you for understanding!

The day after tomorrow, I will send the translation done, don’t worry.

And, of course, the very “hot” moments began on the days of passing the intermediate pieces of the translation, which we do to check the progress. Yana Skrypnik, who confirmed ALL payment terms, began to blackmail us and demand sending her an advance:

I have 50% of the translation ready, please pay 11 dollars for the translation, I’ll send it to you, the translation continues, Yana

To all the arguments that she herself agreed to postpayment, the translator did not answer or simply ignored a number of our interrogative letters. First, she asked to make a payment on the card:

Yes, I remember just now the first days of the month, I’m waiting for payment on my bank card of the Sberbank 3691 6082 2495 6821, thank you, Yana

And then she began to ask us to fill up her phone number:

To pay faster, it’s better to my mobile +7 906 736-7197, this is a beeline number, with respect, Yana

When we clarified whether a piece of the translation would be sent to us after a partial payment, the translator lied that she would accurately send us and assure us of this:

Well, thank you, you sent a few documents, I’ll send you translation files for the documents, thanks, Yana

After the advance, the translator not only did not send part of the translation, but started to ask for payment of the whole order and rude to us at the same time:

And why did not you pay the whole amount?

I just finished everything, I would have sent everything straight away, I’m waiting for the rest, Yana

That is, she, the refused her words and her promises without a trace, and showered us with slanderous words:

Am I a helpless pawn because of 10 dollars to run to the computer, to divide the work and send? It’s the real mature!

Shame on you!

  I made you a test yesterday, as you asked, then in one format, then in another, all your vagaries performed, I answer all your letters, you gave me a penny as to the dog, and now you say that I’m bad!

  You are selling my work to the customer triple the price!

  Either pay in full and I’ll send it all, or I think your advance payment was for yesterday’s test

  If you will not pay, I will contact the customer myself and sell the translation to him, he will pay me more.

  In shock from you!

After numerous threats and blackmail letters, Yana Skrypnik blocked the mail. She received payment and did not send anything, without desire to write a single letter after receiving the money. That is, this translator needed only one thing – money. ANY way, even so mean.

The main points that we ask to pay attention to when confronting translation scammers are that such “bad interpreters” often try to limit their communication with them only by e-mail. In our time of developed technology, there are a lot of ways to contact a person from abroad: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. At the same time, one can talk and immediately recognize a man’s intentions. And in all cases of fraud, as we could see from our own experience, the first signal that a ” trick ” is pending a refusal to provide your data for operational communication. Yana Skrypnik also did not want to contact us for a conversation any way and came up with various absurd reasons for this:

I live in Russia, here Skype and Viber are blocked

I have a messenger and , I’m writing from it now and it have never failed, I say in Russia blocked everything and half of the sites have already stopped opening, what happens, I do not know, maybe you know? And mobile communication is no longer in half the territory of Russia, maybe the war will soon be?

Although after these “abnormal speeches” the assurances of the translation were again followed:

Don’t worry, I’ll make you now a piece of the translation and send it out so that the customer looks

Our translation agency has picked up a number of points that directly or indirectly indicate a possible case of fraud, these items can serve you in the future with a small clue:

  1. The translator refuses to give a reverse mobile connection for operational communication or communication on any convenient messenger (regardless of his place of residence)
  2. The translator does not send intermediate pieces of translation contrary to the agreements.
  3. The translator agrees to the postpayment conditions, but on the day of the transfer requires an advance.
  4. The translator begins to dictate his terms, despite his consent to follow the terms of the agency, which were agreed on the day the order was accepted.

We ask to remember these faces and hope that you will not meet them, and if this happens, we will sincerely hope that our advice and recommendations will help you avoid such unpleasant incidents.

Thank you for your attention, taking care of you and your well-being, Translation Company Azurit Inc.!

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