Dear colleagues!

Please pay attention to the increasing incidence of fraud among translators. Unfortunately, we are forced to admit that we ourselves have been caught in a cheat’s net several times.

In our time, it is more and more difficult to start cooperation with new translators, since not only professional qualities but personal ones are important here. After all, it is very difficult to predict in advance whether a new person will substitute and fulfill the obligations undertaken.

In this article I want to tell you about the sad experience of collision with such “translators” and warn about further cooperation with them.

First, usually these scammers themselves submit a resume to the translation agency. It should be noted that the resume looks quite trustworthy, includes photo and contacts (but often the translator himself is in a different country – and communication has to be supported only via e-mail).

Secondly, they are usually ready to take the translation for a specified period and also agree with the rules of the bureau, conditions and terms of payment. Please note, that all these points are agreed in advance and have written confirmation from the interpreter (something like: yes, I agree, I am satisfied with the conditions, I take them to work).

But, here’s the fun begins when it’s time for the order. Here the “translators” abruptly abandon their own words, and, having a ready translation hostage, expose unreasonable demands.

In order to prove my point, I will give an example of such correspondence with some Gasparyan Christina (Гаспарян Кристинa):

The situation was such that our bureau was looking for an interpreter of the Estonian language. Having reviewed the summary of one of the candidates (Supplement No. 1), who sent us a request for cooperation, we secured an order for her. Agreed on the tariff (agreed to the proposed by her), discussed how many signs include one translation page (1p – 1800 characters with spaces). And what comes out as a result? When there is time to throw off the translation, she names a completely different amount for the order. In turn, we paint a complete miscalculation:

“Hello, we just got your scan with a number of characters.  According to the characters, we have – 5 544/1800 – 3.08 * 130.43 = 401.8 rubles. We are ready to send you this amount for the entire translation. Do you confirm?”

Reply from Christina:

“I confirm, you can pay”

Then the interpreter decides to herself that she wants more! And she begins to invent incomprehensible excuses and demands, all in order to get more money.

“Thank you, I need time to clean up the spaces, since you did not pay for them, I will send the translation without spaces in the evening”

Here it should be recalled that the delivery of the order was meant at 09.00 am. Not only that the interpreter, having received payment – demands more, so also all terms missed. For what she should be fined!

I will send you now with spaces if you pay 750 rubles for them – 400 rubles = 350 rubles there or wait until the evening until I clean all the spaces, thank you, Christina

Although from the scan (which the interpreter sent), and from our previous correspondence it is clear that the miscalculation was performed correctly, and all the spaces were taken into account. But no! In this case, the “interpreter” just needed to get more money. It is clear that there is no question of professionalism – pure extortion.

But, since the customer needed the translation urgently, we had to take a chance and pay this amount. And fortunately, the performer had the conscience to send the translation. But, how was it done?!

For me, Christina is still a mystery. Take the document in work, confirm the translation in time, and then blackmail? In fact, there is no desire to work with such an inadequate person. And what this translator sought, it is also not clear – to try an unjustified amount, to bring the deadline and lose the customer’s bureau, which could provide work on an ongoing basis. As a result, she made herself a nastiness.










Colleagues, be vigilant! Pay attention to this resume and do not fall for a scam.

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