Literary translation

Literary translation is a genre of literary creativity, in which work written in one language is recreated on the other. Because literature is verbal, it is the only art that is exposed to linguistic barriers. Unlike music, painting, sculpture or dance, literary work is only available to those who know the language on which it is written. Certain features of literary translation are defined by his place among other types and his relationship to original artistic creativity.

In an artistic retelling, language has more than communicative, or social and connective purpose. The word functions as a “basic element” of literature – that is, it has an aesthetic function. Between the beginning and the completion of creative work, there is a complex process – the “trans-expression” (the term of A.S. Pushkin) of life captured in the styles of images of the translated work. Therefore, the problems of literary translation in the field of art and are regulated by its specific laws.

Artistic retelling is different from literary creativity, in which its existence depends on the existence of the object of translation. However, in the actual literary process, it is not always possible to draw an excellent line between translation and all creative literature. In quite a few cases, work may not be a translation in the ordinary sense, it is rather a certain form of creativity.

Translation is a historical concept. Its content differs from the era to the era, each of which has a different understanding of the relationship between translations and literature of the country. In each country the history of the artistic retelling is an organic part of the history of literature. As a rule, even the earliest written works testify to the existence of a retelling. The periods in which national literature is established are also characterized by a rapid increase in the number of translations that are considered at the same level as creative literary works. As national literature matures, translations are increasingly being considered writers of other nationalities.

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