Principles of working with a translation agency

For freelance translators who are just beginning their careers, the decision to work with a translation service provider, rather than directly with customers, may be the best choice. Such cooperation allows the translator in the right direction while ensuring both a consistent flow of projects and a steady stream of income. Even experienced translators can find work with translation agencies to be beneficial for their efforts, which allows them to remain permanently used in the translation industry.

Advantages of working with a language services provider

There are many advantages in working with a supplier of language services: the potential for confident work, reducing contact directly with customers, saving time, energy and costs, reduced in administrative and marketing activities. In addition, translation agencies are often devoted to a variety of translation tasks, allowing their translators to work on many different projects.

And for those translators who do not particularly enjoy the sales or customer service contracting the subcontracting contract with the translation service provider, it could definitely cost the possible negative aspects, could be such as potentially lower the level for the translation project and less management of the project outcomes. The industry also has its own good share of unethical agencies that treat translators as commodities, payment delays for many months or refusals for payment in general.

Once you have been accepted into the staff of the translation agency, there are some practical tips and methods for the most successful practice for working with a translation service provider, which you need to know about.

Consistently deliver high-quality work

Your reputation as an interpreter will be determined by the quality of the translations that you produce. To be on duty as a subcontractor for any translation agency, you must consistently produce high-quality work. Most companies that provide translation services communicate daily with freelance translators who can become part of their staff. If you put the transfer below the average, you probably will not be accepted into the staff, because the hard truth is that the translation service provider can easily offer this place to another freelancer.

But another truth is that translation companies would prefer to work with the same translators over and over again – it’s easier for them. This is good news for you. If you want to have a consistent flow of projects from the translation company, you need to deeply assess your site and make sure that every translation that you deliver is your best possible work.

Who determines the satisfactory level of quality? A material object, such as a car, can be checked against a clearly defined standard, and such an assessment can be fairly objective. Translation, however, is an intangible object, the quality of which is very subjective in many cases. But, even given the subjective nature of the translations, there are certain instructions that can be applied to correct obvious mistakes.

When evaluating the quality of translation, ensure that grammar and style meet the highest industry standards. You can be a very competent interpreter of legal documents, but you may have limitations when performing medical translations. Knowledge of the topic is important, so much so that you can do the work only in those areas in which you can produce high-quality translations. Some translators do the following, they transfer projects if they feel that they will not reflect their best work. Each translator knows his capabilities and will take only the order that he can perform at the highest quality level.

Do not feel obliged to take all the work that is offered to you. The rejection of the work will in fact achieve for you more respect from the provider of language services, as it demonstrates professionalism and competence. If, on the other hand, you take a job for which you are not qualified and make a non-standard transfer, there can be devastating results, as the agency will not definitely rejoice at receiving poorly translated work.

It is critically important to have time for the supplier of language services. The translator, who presents the project before the deadline, demonstrates a high standard of professionalism and considerations for both the agency and the end user. Translators who consistently return projects late are considered as unprofessional and unreliable.

So, when working with providers of translation services, make sure that you deliver your work on schedule, according to the deadline. This is mutually beneficial, the bureau will receive a high-quality translation completed on time, and the translator will receive a constant stream of projects.

Consistently deliver high-quality work, know your strengths, do the work on time, and you will undoubtedly become an invaluable asset for translation agencies.

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