Features of a good translation agency

Over the past decade, the demand for professional translators has grown dramatically. This is connected with the development of the world economy, as well as with the desire of every person to freely communicate anywhere in the world. In such moments, there is a need to consult a specialist who speaks a foreign language. Often, a translation agency is the best choice compared to hiring a freelancer. This is because they deserve more trust than a freelancer. In addition, the translation agency has many translators in its staff and can build a team work that will take into account the needs of the customer when working on a language project. In addition, the language service company not only has written and oral translators who will work based on their own experience, they can also provide the project manager for multilingual translations, an editor and proofreader, which will allow you to fulfill the order at the highest level.

The market today is a huge number of translation agencies, but there are several features that can help the customer make the right choice.

A diverse team of translators, interpreters and linguists.

One of the characteristics of a good translation agency is a good staff of linguists. Employees define the company, and this is the truth in the world of translation. A good translation company employs professionals who are native speakers and have the necessary experience. In any case, a professional translation agency should hire only those translators who have direct experience with the topic and therefore have a clear understanding of the context of the translated document as well as knowledge of industrial terminology. The company that provides language services, in addition to qualified own employees, has the opportunity to hire consultants in some complex areas to clarify the meaning of certain terms. This should not frighten the customer, because you can not know everything. Of course, each employee is required to improve their knowledge, but there are times, especially with technical translations, that one has to contact one consultant, and to several, in order to maintain the accuracy of the material.

Effective project planning and quality control.

One of the crucial characteristics of a good translation agency is planning. A good language company has enough manpower to provide what every project needs. One of the most important of them is a good project manager who has years of experience. The project manager will monitor the completion of the transfer, providing solutions to your needs. The analysis and quality control process should exist. A translator, independent of the one that completed the initial translation, should correct the document. Each completed translation must be viewed by the editor and without this condition no order can be given to the client.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is the language. When it comes to popular languages ​​such as English or German, there is no big problem, because almost every translation agency performs translation in this language tandem. The worst situation is when we need a translation into a language such as Thai, which is less common. The emphasis should be on other languages ​​specific to the agency, and determine, if possible, what language in the future can be useful.

The important thing is the deadlines in which the agency carries out the transfer. This should be indicated in the agreement, because sometimes complex questions can arise, and then it is good to check whether the translation agency is able to perform the assigned task at a given time. It’s good if the company has express service with an additional fee, because sometimes it becomes necessary in case of emergency. Cooperation with a translation agency can be very broad and include various types of transfers, such as certified translations, medical, financial, legal, technical, oral, etc. If we talk separately about each of the directions, then they should be translated by specialists who have expertise in relevant fields, and this is connected with the presence of characteristic terminology in each direction.

Another important aspect, although not mandatory, is the availability of a native speaker of the company that uses the language from birth and will be able to “polish” the translation and check the errors. This simplifies the whole translation process and has a huge impact on the speed of work. A native speaker is especially needed when it comes to translations, but also during interpreting, his presence can be extremely useful. This is an important feature that must be taken into account. Of course, it is not necessary to keep it in the state, you can work with it on an advisory level, but such a specialist is very necessary.

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