Return of investments with the help of multilingual sites and their localization

It is very important for international companies to build long-term trust relationships with their customers all over the world. One of the most effective ways to do this is to contact consumers in their local languages. By its nature, the Internet is truly an international and multicultural engine that crosses global barriers. Effective content localization allows companies to strengthen corporate assets in ways that reduce total costs, accelerate revenues and build better relationships with customers and employees around the world. The effectiveness of this localization effort can be measured by the development and analysis of metrics.

One of the most useful corporate metrics is the return on investment. This metric measures the extent to which the initial or continuing investment of a company in a project or process is returned to the company through a combination of lower costs and increased revenue. Most companies have several measurable and qualitative advantages that can form the basis for measuring the return on investment and their actions for localizing the site. They often include:

Savings of production costs of localization

Reducing infrastructure costs

Accelerating revenue from the market

Impact of a stronger global brand

Company sequence

Better relationships between employees and investors around the world

Improved relationships with customers, etc. …

The latter mentioned advantages are not always numerically measurable, and therefore, can avoid a typical return on investment measure. However, one should not forget about them, developing a “representation” of the scenario for the return of investment.

It is very important to bear in mind that any return on investment is a relative measure with some scenarios, returning more measurable benefits than others.

Measurable and qualitative methods of the most successful practice

The site localization approach for all major customers is based on the best practices (ie, proven methodologies that maximize results) that generate the highest return on investment over a significant period of time (one, three or five years).

What are the quantitative best practices for achieving these benefits?

  1. Central control with local execution
  2. Automation of processes and optimization
  3. Technological standardization

Market analysis over the past year has indicated that central control with local implementation can significantly contribute to the return of investment. As a point of explanation, central control with local execution refers to the approach by which processes, the design and technology infrastructure are centralized, while the workflows and content creation and localization are decentralized. This approach maximizes the company’s ability to globally reinforce assets such as brand communications, information and people, allowing content participants in each country and region to customize content for their respective target customer base.

This is a successful model that allows customers to achieve significant savings when localizing their sites. This occurs through the strengthening of assets of content from one country to another, and automating and optimizing repetitive tasks. They can increase this return by centrally managing the entire technological infrastructure, and therefore achieve significant cost reductions. Our customers are then able to reduce their time to market and the content update cycles. They can also, avoid problems and quickly remove obsolete content, which can cause a loss of company confidence and revenue through consumer exclusion.

Localization of the site and representation of the company at the international level requires a qualified translation of the site into foreign languages. Such a transfer should be made taking into account the specificity of the market of the country for which it is intended and its unique culture. Correctly executed site localization will allow not only to reach target consumers, but also will help the company with return of the investment capital. A localized site in which the translation of the description of the sections, the translation of product descriptions, the translation of the description of goods carried out by a specialist in the field of translation in tandem with a localization professional, the company can get the best revenue and high response of consumers.

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