Translation of complex terms in the operating instructions

Imagine that you just bought a lens telescope. As you collect it yourself, you follow the instructions: “Counterweight the slide to the counterweight shaft and secure the counterweight to secure by squeezing the counterweight grip button. Mine the counterweight of the screw on the base of the tilt axis on the equatorial axis. Once this shaft is firmly in place, release the capture button. Adjust the counterweight approximately 50 mm from the end of the shaft and re-tighten the grip button. ”

Without any scientific justification, you may be confused by the terminology, but with the help of graphic drawings, you can probably follow the instructions. The material is technical, but not excessively complex. Now suppose that your native language is French, and the telescope manufacturing company has decided to use machine translation to change instructions from English to French. If you changed the same words back to English, he would read: “Move the counterweight along the counterweight axis, and the counterweight ensures the compression of the grip button balances. The support of Visser balances on the basis of the equatorial axis. Once the support exists, release the lock button … “.

If there were something more complicated in the assembly, for example a dialysis machine or a satellite system, a bad translation could have catastrophic consequences. Never depend on machine translation, when technical descriptions are required. Technical terms require even more stringent standards of translation.


Finding the best translator for work

Regardless of which field of technical knowledge the instruction belongs to, technical material requires even more research. Hiring translators with the correct scientific education, as well as knowledge in the desired language, is critically important. Even with knowledge in the design, the translator may need to do some research to fully understand the intricacies of the material he is translating before the assignment can be completed. Good translators never take work they can not complete, and they also learn about the material they agreed to translate.

Do not know where those good translators are or who to trust? Let the professional translation agency solve all your questions in the right direction. With numerous competent translators at their disposal, the linguistic services provider can save time and make the process of translating technical instructions easy for all parties. It’s no secret that hiring the right person for the job is the first step to accurate technical translations. And, if there are doubts about the capabilities of an interpreter, customers can always request information about the experience of an interpreter.

New technology – new words

Sometimes the material is so new or technical that the translation does not exist. This scenario does not change the direction of translation agencies or their translators. Typically, when new words are used, there is a process for determining whether to leave the word in the original language to translate it as a descriptor or to come up with a new word. But such a decision is not taken casually for any word that the translator sees for the first time. During the translation process, the terminology is discussed between the translator and the client so that the client always has the final say in how new or complex words are translated.

Many global international companies that develop new equipment or software have a unique vocabulary when describing their material and technical resources of products. Due to this, translators are easier to fulfill their duties, and the customer’s material is available in more countries.

Deadlines, assessments and customer service

Quality and deadlines are important at every stage of the translation process. This begins with the hiring of a competent interpreter, and ends with an accurate, timely document. Never agree to the lowest price for the technical translation of instructions. In the professional translation agency there are separate conditions in the contract that allow you to adjust the cost depending on the timing of the order. Technical translation requires special attention and knowledge of translators, it can not have a low price. Do not get into unpleasant situations, contact the professionals.

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