Surprises in ordering an Apostille in Civil Registry Office that await you: Positive answer or rejection and “According to legislation, state fee will not be returned”.

Surprises in ordering an Apostille in Civil Registry Office that await you: Positive answer or rejection and “According to legislation, state fee will not be returned”.
Nowadays the amount of people who travel abroad grows with every passing day. Many people go abroad to study, work or change their place of constant residence to a new one in another country. All of them know very well shat is an Apostille stamp and which documents to stamp with it, as well as which countries require it and which do not. For many people who travel abroad, it is a hard task to stamp this seal themselves, as it requires a lot of time and effort. To save time, money and your own nerves, it is much easier to come to a translation agency, where managers will swiftly and qualitatively prepare all set of necessary documents. But for those who will after all decide to do all procedures by themself, let us sort out what should one know about Apostille and which documents are to be Apostillized.
Apostille is a seal and a separate certificate that confirms the validity of original documents, issued on the territory of Ukraine. Apostille certificate is a paper joint, which is attached to your submitted document. Such documents will be accepted without let or hindrance in any country that is a member of Hague Convention. You can submit notary certified copies for this procedure, so that the original remains unchanged.
Apostille contains the following information: Country of origin; Full name of the person who signed a document; Position of the person who signed a document; Place of certification; Date of certification; Number of Apostille; Signature of authorized person.
Documents that require an Apostille stamp: documents, issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, documents of all authorities, court documents, all documents of educational instances of the country, documents, issued by the notary.
There are some niceties that a man who continuously works with stamping Apostille knows, but a common man does not if this is his first time deciding to prepare documents for the trip. Here are some interesting facts that will come in hand while personally preparing necessary documents. Apostille on certificate of birth or marriage is placed in Civil Registry Office, not in the Ministry of Justice. Translation agency cannot say for sure when receiving a document, if it will be approved or not. Even employees of Civil Registry Office do not always know of the end result. So, one should not demand from a translation agency a guaranteed placing of an Apostille. According to Ukrainian legislation, state fee, paid for placing an Apostille will not be returned in case of refuse. Apostille usually gets placed the next day after submitting a document, if it is issued by Civil Registry Office, for example, certificate of birth, death, marriage and their notary certified copies or translations. If a document is notarial (notary certified), but was not issued by the Civil Registry Office, for example, a reference, placing an Apostille on it might take up to two weeks. It is impossible to say beforehand, how much time it will take.
Civil Registry Offices do not place Apostille on educational documents, police clearances and other such documents. Police clearances are Apostillized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while educational documents need to be taken to the Ministry of Education.
Apostille stamp will not be placed on documents, issued by Ukrainian diplomatic agencies on the territory of foreign countries, documents, connected with customs or commercial information about the country, as well as on passports, employment histories, personal identifications and legal regulations, correspondences etc.
Apostille is placed in the country where a document is issued. You can learn for which concrete country you need an Apostille by viewing a list of countries that are members of Hague Convention. All countries that signed this Convention, have confirmed their desire to reject consular or diplomatic documents legalization. Thanks to Hague Convention procedure of submitting documents became more unified and simplified. This Convention has been adopted on Hague Conference on Private and International Law, a constantly active international organization that overviews standardization of international law. Amount of countries – members increases with each passing year, as of now there are more than 100 of them.
For comfort attendance and problem free stay in the foreign country, trust professionals. One should not always relay on himself, especially when you do not know this field well. If you do not place an Apostille on even one document, it will not be valid, which in turn may create a lot of problems.

Surprises in ordering an Apostille in Civil Registry Office that await you: Positive answer or rejection and “According to legislation, state fee will not be returned”. обновлено: June 13, 2017 автором: azurit