Is it possible to receive a qualitative professional translation at low price?

Translation is a swiftly growing industry and professional translation services can be received at translation agency at various rates. A logical question rises here, what is better to choose, a qualitative translation at a higher price or more affordable services without a guarantee of the quality.

Often, although not always, quality and price go hand in hand. Agreement on low price services can drastically harm your business. With availability of machine translation professional translation services are now ordered to receive qualitative translations that combine man`s and machine work altogether. Professional qualitative translation can be made only by a human, which is why the price cannot be low.

Web-annexes can work for free, but they in no way can complete an order at the same level as the one provided by a translation agency. Effective and accurate translations have significant importance when they are necessary for business, legal or medical purposes; and hiring cheap translation services can pave way for future problems. For example, an unsuitable and inaccurate translation of advertising camping can lead to a failure of the whole campaign and forever deprive a company from the international sales market. Translated document has to effectively inform a reader on the content of the original document.

There are several reasons, by which you should avoid working with any man or translation agency that offers you high quality at a low price:

Translation requires more than just a skill to speak on two languages, so a good translation cannot be cheap.

Translation is a skill. It takes years of practice to become a professional. Every order executant should have a good knowledge of foreign language, superb skills of writing on an output language and a complete understanding of a subject.

Translation is also an activity that requires mental effort. Translators have to make a lot of researches and take into account a lot of things, such as a target audience or any existing cultural differences.

Many translation agencies advertise a high level of quality at low price. Also you should take into account that translators receive only half of the officially stated price or less. Just imagine a size of work they should take to make their living at those rates and how it affects quality of translation they create.

Cheap translation puts reputation of your company at risk. If your business requires documents and marketing materials to be provided at a foreign web-site, do not save on translations. It concerns not only printed material or oral advertising. In the modern world potential clients increasingly learn about companies via Internet. Translated web-site version is the first touch point of a brand for your new clients. Purchasing a translation is often a task of trust and old saying “You receive that what you paid for” is valid here as well. If you wish to protect yourself from receiving a low quality of even a machine translation, you should be ready to invest capital into good presentation of your company. Bad translations cannot attract clients even if your goods or service a compatible.

You should understand what you wish to receive when translating your web-site to foreign languages: if you just wish to provide certain information about your company or goods, than, perhaps, it is a good idea to go with your translation to a low-price translation agency. But if your purpose is to provide potential clients with detailed information than you should review a possibility of investing more funds.

It could seem weird, but few companies, seem to understand an importance of a qualitative translation. People have wrong ideas on translators and the very process of translation. The other thing is that it is hard to value a quality, especially if you do not speak on an output language and in case a respectful company declares that it provides a high level of quality. Unfortunately, it is not always so. Many companies that plan expanding their business consider a translation as a means to save expanses, not as an investment that will help them improve their foreign presence. Highly qualitative translation will help differentiate your brand from other brands and it is a very good mean that will make people talk about your company. Of cause, it depends on your target audience, but if you know that your potential clients value quality in all its forms, than you have to provide it to them.

Cheap services may seem attractive but they can potentially lead to inappropriate results. Absence of understanding due to poor quality of translation may cause your consumers to form wrong impressions about your products and services. Unfitting translation may lead to wrong usage of a product and a consumer may feel unsatisfied with your goods.

When you hire a professional translation agency, you receive qualitative results from best professionals in their business.

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