How much does a freelance editor-proofreader earn?

Editor`s work is wary work consuming and requires a lot of time and knowledge. Many customers believe that there is nothing difficult in proofreading a text, but that is wrong. Editor-proofreader is not just a man who must read a text and correct a few commas; instead he has to have deep knowledge in all language rules and linguistic niceties.

The main point of editor`s work is correcting stylistic and logic mistakes, all language rules must be firmly used in a text. Proofreader`s work is different, he only corrects orthographic mistakes and misprints. But usually one man does it all. Concerning the price of these services, proofreader`s work costs lower than work of professional editor in about one and a half times. Many customers pretend they see no difference between these two types of work and a prepared to pay for only one of them, which is why an editor does a proofreader`s job.

As of today, one of the lines of work, is a freelance and for professional editors-correctors as well. The price of their services is different. Every freelancer can establish his own price, depending on his professionalism. Of cause, a beginner freelancer will have a lower price, but it is not always justified for a customer. If a client needs both editing and proofreading of a serious business text, it is best to apply for an experience freelancer who worked with such text before and has higher price. On a freelance market of editors-proofreaders the price for services begins from one dollar per one thousand characters for a couple of years. As the exchange rate of dollar is rising, the price is rising as well, but it is cheaper than in any agency. Every customer should understand that the price can always be higher or lower, depending on the difficulty of the text and its purpose. It is one thing to correct a text, written by an experience copywriter, and has no specialized themes, and completely different thing to correct mistakes made by a novice student who totally forget about language rules when writing a diploma work. When ordering services of an editor-proofreader, one should always take into account the difficulty of the text and time that it will take to do the job.

Such work is always in high demand and has its perspectives. Financial grows comes with age. From the very beginning any order executant will have a lot of easy tasks that will allow him to improve his skills. The more time an editor-proofreader spends on a text editing, the faster he will sharpen his skill of correcting, which will allow him to receive more orders. It means, he will face more familiar termini, faster end his work and receive payment.

Of cause, there are novices of the profession, who want to earn a lot immediately, and for this they undertake an impracticable amount of orders and then they completely refuse from such type of job. When working as an out-of-staff employee, there is one most important rule – not to overestimate your capabilities. Many novices make the simplest mistakes while editing, which has a lot to do with haste and lack of attentiveness. If a customer applied for an editing of a huge text and has limited terms and an editor-proofreader understands that he will not complete it in time, its best to refuse immediately then to complete a work poorly. Every freelancer has to be prepared for his reputation to be in danger due to overestimation of his capabilities.

Profession of an editor-proofreader is very important and it is impossible to do without it, if a customer values grammatical correctness and accuracy of text materials. There is a thought that a professional of his work can protect an author of the book from his own mistakes and misprints. Even the most experienced writer can make grammatical or stylistic mistakes, which is why it is very important that his text is proofreaded by other person. Experienced editor-proofreader can always navigate the text well enough and understand: where a mistake can be made and how to correct it the right way. For a text to be perfect, author and editor must discuss all problems of the text, only after that a text can be given to a final reader.

This profession appeared a long time ago, back in the Ancient Rome. Even back then there were people, who proofreaded manuscripts and made corrections in books. When newspapers and magazines started to appear, this job became very prestigious and in demand. As of now in all fields of activity there is a demand for such specialists, in publish houses, translation agencies, private businessmen and many others need their services. Thanks to the modern progress a lot of software appeared, which can check a text of any difficulty, which relaxes author and can make him treat his work inattentively. But it is well known that no software, even the best, can replace human skills, his knowledge and mastery, and, more importantly, his priceless experience.

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