To work as a translattor in Ukraine or to conquer foreign scopes?

Translator profession has ancient roots. Back in Ancient Rome there were people, who knew foreign languages and they were considered noblemen. In Ancient Rus it was believed that a man who knows other language is very well educated. Today translator`s job produces good profit and is considered prestigious.

If today a man knows a foreign language, he can earn good money in any case, both in Ukraine and beyond. Many people, of cause, believe that working abroad a translator earns much more money than in Ukraine. But one should not forget that expenses are also higher there. Translators not always beckoned by the prospect of earning more money, many of them strive to improve their language knowledge in such a way. As every day they will have to speak the foreign language, which will help learning it perfectly and provide a better understanding of the culture and social norms of a new country.

What waits for a translator abroad?

If a man has a profession in the field of language services and decides to travel to other country, he should value all risks. For a start it is necessary to find the most suitable country. As one gets in a new environment, there is a possibility that a man will not be able to find his bearings and will end up with nothing. To have a certainty in finding a job it is best to agree on it beforehand, while remaining on the Motherland. Many foreign translation agencies post vacancies on their web-sites and give employees an opportunity to pass a job interview via Internet. If you are not interested in working for a translation agency, you may consider a position of a full time translator in an international company. Such companies employ professional translators gladly. They do it not only because of their knowledge of language, but also because they receive a specialist, who understands demands of the market, they are interested in. It is not easy to be employed in such a company, as they conduct a serious competitive selection and it is possible that they will not give an opportunity to pass a job interview via Internet. There is a job option that attracts everyone – it is a freelance job. Many people dream of sitting on an ocean beach with a notebook and receive good money for it. But there are lots of complicate issued in this engagement. The first one is that providing a necessary amount of orders for oneself is very difficult, especially in a foreign country. The second one is that not all clients want to cooperate with a freelancer, as no freelance translator can provide guarantees of quality. Good option for a freelancer abroad is to find a translation agency that would employ him on a regularly basis, but due to the high competition among freelancers it cannot be easily done.

What a translator can expect in Ukraine?

As he finishes his education, every man things of what to do next. Translators do it too. Every graduate dreams of a good career and a high salary. It must be noted that while steel being students many translators take season jobs from translation agencies, there for they provide a work place for themselves and earn experience in their field. Receiving a highly paid job immediately after graduation is hard, but everyone can be a regular employee.

Thanks to the development of the economy many companies enter the international market, so they need to employ a regular employee. Such companies often employ people without experience, to have an opportunity to teach them all the niceties and specificity of work in their particular company without the need to reeducate them. It is a good practice to earn experience in a big company, as they offer a large amount of documents of various fields, which demands all-round knowledge in the field of language services.

Working as a translator guide is a good job for a man who knows foreign language. Many people consider it an easy task, to accompany foreign people on their excursion over the country, and it brings them good money. It is necessary to perfectly know foreign language for this job, as it is most likely that there will not be an option of checking a word in a dictionary. It is also best to have a spacious mind, as tourists may ask all kinds of questions.

Both abroad and in Ukraine freelance translators are in demand. While working as a freelance translator in Ukraine, a translator can expect cooperation with a number of translation agencies, companies that cooperate with an out of staff employee, private clients etc. at the same time. Ukrainian market can offer a lot of orders for such people.

It is not that important, what a man chooses for himself, to travel abroad or to stay in the Motherland, as much as the fact that he likes his profession and performs his work in a qualitative manner. Location is not important if a man is a professional and wants to work to achieve good results. Many people think that by leaving abroad they will earn more money, but on the other hand they will end up with no friends and relatives. In the meantime one can work in Ukraine and receive high payment if he has good knowledge.

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