What does a freelancer chooses a straight client or a translation agency?

Freelancer is an out of staff employee, who works for himself. His way is complicated enough and not all of them can reach significant highs. As of today on a USA market around fifty percent of workers are out of staff, in Ukraine this kind of work only gaining momentum.

Freelance translator has great opportunities to achieve good results, as the economy of the country is under developing and companies need their services. But often it happens so that a freelance translator cannot define for himself, what is better, to perform a search of clients on his own or to choose a remote work at translation agency.

Searching for clients yourself can be difficult sometimes. For a client to begin cooperation with a certain executant, the later should work hard. The correct way of communication with a client may lead to a constant cooperation and good recommendations. Aside of the fact that a freelancer must be a good translator he must also be a professional manager. It is necessary for a successful work to have a skill of communication with a client and to know how to sell your services right on target. Experience plays a very important role for a client, as well as terms of performing an order and a price. For best mutual understanding with a client it is best not to use narrow-focused termini, as it shows to a client that you are superior to him, even if he does not know a thing or two about the matter. When discussing all niceties, do not use slang and write grammatically correctly.

It is only a start to present yourself in a correct way. All around you should know, what you do, and you in term must understand, that this is a work, not a hobby. The best advertising as of today is a word of mouth and a persona recommendation. No marketing move will work better.

To attract a client attention, it is necessary to have a well-prepared portfolio of works. Each translator specializes on a certain theme and a client should see it. Demonstration of ready orders, done beforehand, will increase chances of gaining new orders from this client. Terms are also very important for many clients, so if translator entertains doubts about his skills, it’s best not to agree to such terms. Freelancer must offer adequate terms, not to be after something unreal to receive a job. Each act in an independent work influences the reputation of an executant. Concerning the price, in should be average on market, in no way should it be lowered, it can scare potential clients away. If a client sees a low price, he immediately understands that a freelancer is green, and is afraid to deal with him to avoid problems. Thanks to a good reputation and correctly applied strategy a freelance translator can always turn a temporary client into a constant one.

There are issues in searching for clients on your own. To avoid them there is a number simple advice:

If a freelancer shoes minimum marketing actions, his expectations will never end up a real order. It is necessary to create a brand of yourself and to promote it, using all marketing moves and tricks.

Many people expect to have a short starting process. This is a false expectation, as the minimal term of promoting any business is half a year or even the whole year. The most successful results can be reached by an independent translator on the third year of fruitful work.

Unrealistic measure of the amount of work can be an issue in freelance. The idea of working for yourself attracts many people, but often a freelancer works 60 hours a week, while he would have worked 40 hours if he had worked under the chief.

If all these issues scare a beginner freelance translator away, he can apply for cooperation with a translation agency. During the last decades, translation agencies gladly cooperate with freelance executants. Such tandem is profitable for both sides. Freelancer receives a constant flow of orders, a translation agency receives a freelance employee, who can perform work without a need to maintain a workplace for him in the office, which saves translation agency`s money.

When working for a translation agency a freelance translator can stop worrying about searching for clients, he will always have orders and, therefore, a constant income. In such cooperation a freelancer can always expect to receive help in case of emergency, for example, if he requires consulting a specialist in a difficult case of translation.

Thanks to his professionalism a freelance translator can conclude a contract with a number of agencies at ones, which will increase the amount of orders and, therefore, an amount of income.

It is, of cause, important to have an opportunity to work independently and to make decisions on your own, taking full responsibility for your future. But it is far more important to have a covered rear. It is achievable only by working for a translation agency that is why freelancers try to cooperate with companies that provide language services.

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