What is better for a client, a translation agency or a freelancer on a translation portal?

What is better for a client, a translation agency or a freelancer on a translation portal?

Today many companies require translation services. For many business owners a question remains: what to choose, a translation agency or a freelancer on a translation portal? To find a correct answer to it, it is necessary to sort out the difference.

Freelancer is a man who works for himself and in not in the staff of any company. Such specialists undertake various jobs at their own risk. Such man can work on several orders at the same time, while being on the other side of the globe. To make a name for themselves, they post their summary on various internet resources, it can be professional portals, advertisement boards, freelance markets and other resources. Freelancers often cooperate with clients, who they do not even see. They receive their payment on a bank account or via electronic money.

One of the most popular jobs among freelancers is a job of a translator. Their payroll rate is much lower than a translation agency employee, due to the fact that there is a very high rivalry on the market of language services not only among professional translation agencies, but also among freelancers. It is not always easy to find a qualified freelancer because of the high demand for them. To keep yourself and your project safe, each client, who makes a decision of working with a freelance translator, should at first make shore that he is a professional and knows the translation field well. The easiest way to do it is to ask for links to his previous works, copies of diplomas and recommendations from previous clients. There are many comments about freelance works on translation portals. There is also a “black list”, where freelance, who failed to complete the order end up.

Translation agency is a company that provides a range of services of translation. The most important thing for a company is its reputation that is why it is always responsible for the quality of a performed job. Only qualified translators with huge experience work at translation agency. All employees pass through a serious selection process, before they receive a job. Each of them has respectful education and knowledge in their field of specialty. Thanks to the workforce of the agency an order is being processed not by one translator, but also a page proofer, who checks grammatical correctness and accuracy of a performed translation. Such cooperation allows keeping track over the accuracy and minimizes the possibility of mistakes. If disagreements over the translation arise, a translation agency manager has an option of consulting with a colleague and solves all questions. When you come to translation agency, you can always expect that your order will be completed in a due time and no circumstances will intervene. Even if a translator gets ill, a colleague can always replace him.

To make a final decision, who to cooperate with, you should take into account an important fact that directly influences the choice of executant, which is the price. As soon as you start considering a possible cooperation in translation, the first factor that will draw your attention will be a lower price of a freelancer when comparing with a translation agency. A lot of factors form prices of a translation agency, for example, an office renting, advertising, salary for employees etc. Freelance translator does not bear so many expenses, which is why he can offer a lower price. But you should keep in mind one simple rule, which is that a good translation cannot be chip, so if a price is low, it raises hackles.

The optimal and most rational choice is coming to translation agency that will within the timescale agreed, with no mistakes and at a high level performs a translation of documents of any difficulty. If your project has a lot of material, then a freelance translator might physically fail to translate it in short order. This problem can be amended if a team work is used instead. Besides, a freelancer bears no responsibility for failure to deliver on time, as he concludes no agreements on providing services in translation. Translation agency always reinforces its promises with a cooperation agreement and will doubtless fulfill the agreed obligations.

There are qualified freelance translators on the modern translation services market of cause, only it is a big problem to find them. That is why, while choosing a translation agency or a freelancer, you should at first value risks that your company may suffer, if anything goes wrong, as freelancer bears no responsibility for anything. If you want a translation process to flow without complications, want to receive a good quality in the specified terms, it is clear that a translation agency is what you need for your calm.

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