How to choose a good translation agency in Kyiv

The choice of a new product or service can be very difficult for any person. Buying a product you can appreciate its appearance, characteristics, value, and after decide to buy it or not.

However, you can estimate translation?

Today companies are increasingly requiring translation services, thanks to increased economic performance in global markets. Translator must meet the goal you set for yourself and your texts. The best way to find a good translation, agency is to analyze the needs of your company and specialization of provider of language services. Let’s analyze how to make the right choice.

Identify your requirements to translation

There are many important questions that you should ask yourself before searching for a good translation agency. What terminology should be used? What is the target audience? What kind of translated text you need, it may be technical documents, guides for medical equipment, advertising copy or a website? If you need to translate everything, tell the translation agency about it. They can create a glossary and Translation Memory for you. It is also important to know in what language speaks your target audience. There is a big difference between languages ​​with different variations and dialects in certain areas. A good example is Spanish, which is spoken in South America, and Spanish, which is spoken in Europe because they are significantly different. A good translation agency works with many languages ​​and has a global network. They have knowledge of many cultures and can help you in this matter.

Decide for yourself what you expect from translation

There are many different types of translation. Do you prefer to deal with local suppliers of language services in order to contact personally? Or you would prefer to cooperate with a global translation agency? Whatever your preferences are, it is important to understand what kind of quality you can expect from translation agency. It is reasonable to compare multiple translation agencies. Do you know someone who has experience of working with translation agencies? This is the fastest way to get useful information. Internet is also a useful source of information. To determine whether this is really a professional translation agency, you should note the following:

– Is the website is written flawlessly? Professional translators – writers write texts that are nice to read. If a website is full of errors, it is highly doubtful that they can provide professional translation.

– Does translation agency affiliate with any industrial organizations? Does translation agency participate in any events in their area? This is a positive indication of how competent translation agency in their area is.

– Does the translation agency have a positive feedback on their website from large enterprises in various areas? If it is confirmed with recommendation letters with their logos, then such feedbacks can be trusted.

– Does the translation agency have any achievements, which are confirmed by certificates, awards, certificates of appreciation, or does it take rightful place in the ranking of translation agencies? Each translation agency will claim that it provides quality translations but letters, awards, certificates and other various documents of national importance proove that it is not just words, and that this agency is chosen by most customers, and this translation agency follows the standard process of quality assurance of translation and other fundamental principles of good translation agencies. Do all the good translation agencies have ISO 9001 certification? No, only few of them have one, because the cost of such a certificate is more than 35000 UAH and the same but international certificate costs twice as much. Typically only few companies ask about it and in our country the presence of this certificate can hardly serve as proof of the quality of services provided by the company that has such a certificate, and as a reason to treat it as a reliable partner or agency that you need to choose.

Translator must be professional. People, who work in translation field, must have specialized education and experience of translation of texts of different subjects and complexity. Highly professional translator specializes in a particular field. It would be easy to ask a neighbor who knows a foreign language to translate documents for your company, but he does not have the necessary skills to perform a good marketing translation. He doesn’t know the terminology of your company and the market.

It is also worth to pay attention to the specialization of the translator. Translator, who performs translation of texts related to the medical field, cannot perform a high-quality translation of legal documents. If you want a professional translation, you should choose a professional translation services provider.

The cost of services

One important criterion you should consider when choosing a translation service is the price. Note that high-quality agency never set a price of services, which is lower than the average on market. If you see a lower price, it may signify that you are faced with beginners in this field. Of course, a high price is not always a guarantee of quality, but the risk of cooperation with non-professionals can cost you much more.

Order timetable

A professional translator can process from ten to fifteen pages of text per day. This amount is the maximum for a qualified translator. When you are offered more volume for the same period, there may appear some doubts about the quality of the translation. Often newcomers agree to any conditions to get the order, which often leads to disruption of timing and not very efficiently executed order.

Discuss your needs with the translation agency

It is always worth discussing with translation agency your specific requirements to translation. In addition to language, you can point out your wishes concerning the style, maybe preferred file formats, and so on. Perhaps you need a translation to be made with specific formatting, ask the translation agency about additional services they may provide. Using the software is also an important criterion: whether translation agency uses certain software for translation. These IT-solutions provide the highest quality of your translations. They often hasten the process so that you can get a translation beforehand!

A good translation agency will always use glossary that can save your company’s terminology in any material. Each customer will always find the most appropriate translation agency, and probably will cooperate with it for many years and would recommend it to their colleagues and friends.

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