How much does a freelance translator of English language earn in Ukraine?

Over the past few years, the market of freelance translators has been gaining popularity. The profession of a freelancer translator becomes very popular. If the translator is highly qualified, he does not need to work in an office. With the help of the Internet, you can receive and send orders in an instant, as well as have a variety of options for contacting the customer at any time.

How to work as a freelance translator?

There is an opinion that a freelance translator is a person, who is making a lot of money while sitting at home, but this opinion is deeply wrong. Being a freelancer implies self-organization, this is sometimes difficult to do under the influence of many factors.

In order to earn in this area, you must completely give in to your business and be a very disciplined person. When the translator receives an order, he/she spends a lot of time and effort working on it, because he/she understands that in case of missing a deadline or making an error, he/she will lose the client.

Another difficulty faced by freelance translator of English language in Ukraine is the amount of orders. One day a freelance translator can have many orders, and in another day not a single one. In such a profession, it is almost impossible to predict how things will move. But on the other hand, if you received a large order, then the payment will be decent .

What exactly the freelance translator of English language does?

Freelancer does not work for a translation agency and he is not a member of an international company. He receives orders independently, seeks clients on his own and performs work alone. His/her customers can be companies that need one-time translations or a translation agency that can use his/her services several times. All the questions about timing, cost and others a freelance translator must decide himself. Mostly people who do not want to obey someone or follow a strict timetable work in this area. This kind of work allows you to do things you like, get moral satisfaction and earn good money.

What do you need to be a freelance translator?

In order to be a freelance translator, you need to have perfect knowledge of a foreign language, be able to write orthographically correct and be persevering in everything. First, make a resume and send to translation agencies, then get test translations. Translation agencies often cooperate with freelance translators, they serve as a mediator between the customer and the performer. For a freelancer, such cooperation is very beneficial, since the translation agency has many customers, and accordingly there are always many orders. Secondly, register on specialized websites for freelancers. Thus, you will get access to an orders database, where orders, requirements for the applicant and payment for work are listed. A freelance translator can select the task, which he/she will be able to perform, considering the complexity and timing. If the qualification allows, he/she can select several tasks. There is a lot of work for beginners who can try their hand and decide whether it’s their calling or not. Another possible option for cooperation with the customer is direct cooperation. You can search for customers through the Internet. Mostly it can be publishers or companies that develop software. Such companies often choose a freelancer and cooperate with him for a long time, as the constancy is very important for them.

How much does a freelance translator of English language earn in Ukraine?

In order to make good money a freelance translator must perform his orders proffieciently and on time, which directly affects his/her income. To obtain large incomes, you need to have a specialization and “your” customers. If the translator grabs everything, he will not be able to perform any order with a decent quality. In Ukraine, the rates of payment for the work of a freelance translator fluctuate within five to fifteen thousand UAH. Payment depends on the complexity of the text, the timing of the order and the qualifications and professionalism of the translator. There are orders that can be performed in a few hours and will get you a good payment, but these are few and they are given to mostly trusted performers. If you want to earn more in this area, you need to spend time getting special education and gaining credibility among regular customers. In any profession there are pros and cons, a profession of freelance translator is not an exception. Sometimes you might think that while sitting at home and doing what you love, you can make a lot of money. But you have to work hard every day for this. Many believe that freelance translators save nerves and money without going to the office. But not many people know how difficult it is to spend days sitting alone with a computer without any possibility to discuss the latest news with someone alive. For a successful career and good earnings, a freelance translator needs all the courage and unquenchable optimism. If you will not find the courage and confidence to speak to a potential customer, you will not get a job. In this work no one can cover you up; you have to rely only on yourself. Sometimes that frightens beginners who dream of getting millions while sitting at home. The abundance that attracts many people, who want to become freelancers, is earned with great difficulty; it takes a lot of time and great skills of self-discipline. A freelance translator receives money only for the work that have been done, unlike an office employee who receives a certain amount, simply because he went to work and stayed all day. Being a freelance translator does not imply working without lifting your head up, but there will not be a chance to chill out either. The amount of your income directly depends on the number of your orders.

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