How to open a translation agency in Ukraine if you are a non-resident?

Recently communicating with our foreign partners, they asked, whether we knew how they could open a translation agency in Ukraine, what they need to do, how much it costs and how much time it takes.

The question of course is interesting. And we, as partners, as we are in Ukraine, were asked to find out about this issue in detail. How is registration of foreign representative offices done in Ukraine? How much time it takes? What do I need a non-resident? What does it cost in Ukraine?

That’s what we have undertaken to find out!

We started to look for information from lawyers, friends of foreigners, who opened the business in Ukraine. The opinions of those foreigners who have passed this, and law firms that offer fast and inexpensive registration diverge markedly.

Ads from companies “Registration of foreign companies for 7000 UAH in Ukraine in 10 days” are very far from the truth.

Numerous companies offer legal registration of a non-resident company in range from 4000 UAH and higher. But they did not specify what they register – office of a foreign company, LLC or PE. With this, in the first place you need to decide, as some form of registration has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages and advantages – it not only documents, but also the fee law firms with which you register your company charge. Also, we should not forget the State Fees!

So we move on to the details …

According to the approved order of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of Ukraine dated 18/1/96 number 30 and the instructions (as amended by the order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine from 15.06.2007 №179 (z0730-07) developed a mechanism of registration of foreign representative offices in Ukraine.

If you decide to register a representative office in Ukraine, a foreign company, it is probably the most expensive option.

For a start, the company that wants to open the translation agency in Ukraine, namely to open an office, need to consult a lawyer or a law firm.
Next, you need to prepare the following documents:

– An application for registration of a foreign company by a non-resident;

– A document confirming the registration of the parent company, for example, extraction of tax, bank or court Registry;

– Certificate from the bank where the account is opened in foreign currency, indicating the account number;

– Power of Attorney for representative functions in Ukraine to the director of a foreign mission and personnel law firm, with which you will carry out registration;

– Resolution of the central bank in the Ukraine, the main company of the country for the opening of the representative office account with the right to conduct its business activities;

– Minutes of the meeting to establish a foreign mission (Translation), in Ukraine and in the appointment of the Director;

– A copy of the documents confirming the identity of the director of representation (and Indication passport number);

– The original lease contract of a foreign representative, the legal address;

– Payment of the state fee and receipt of a statement from the bank for payment.

This step will take you an average of 2 to 5 working days.

The next step will be the legalization and Apostille of corporate documents of the company in the country’s main companies, if necessary.
If you prefer to affix Apostille on documents in the country of origin of your company, you can legalize documents in this way.

Alternatively, it is possible to carry out the legalization of your documents at the Consulate of the country in Ukraine.

Next? you need to translate and to notarize documents, which are subject to this procedure.

Thus, the preliminary stage of the preparation of documents is complete.

This preparation takes about 20 workdays.

You, yourself or with the help of a specialist law firm, form a package of ready documents legalized.

The third stage is the submission of documents to the public authority, namely the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.
And as a result of a certificate of registration of the foreign representative.

Submission and receipt will take from 1 to 15 working days.

The final step is to get a number of additional documents, which are issued on the territory of Ukraine.
Documents such as:

– Receive a document from EDRPOU;

– Getting help on becoming registered as a tax payer (4-OPN);

– Getting help on becoming registered as the payer of the unified social contribution (2 -ESV);

– Production and reception of printing.

By the time this step takes you from 9 to 15 working days.

The financial costs for registration of the 60-80 working days you will take about 8000-10000 thousand. UAH + State duty will cost 2500 USD.


These are the main points you should be aware of to open a translation agency in Ukraine, or just think about them.

Hope we were of any help.

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