Translation of technical manuals of any complexity

Translation company Azurit Inc. has a large number of experts of various technical topics. These include ka translators and editor, web designers and consultants. All our experts are working harmoniously and in a team. Managers in the office always ready to help and answer any questions to ensure that all translations are correct and uniform terminology. Yesterday we passed the order on the translation from German into Ukrainian technical regulations and manuals for the forest processing industry equipment. In Ukraine, it opened a new plant for the production of these machines. A niche customers want to build it based on German technology. At the moment, the plant itself has been built and even released several trial runs of the equipment. Our experts are connected to the project at the stage of the plant layout, as all the documentation, all plans and schemes need to be translated from German. For the first test batches, our specialists have translated more than 200 pages of instructions and guidelines, which describes how to use and how to properly manage these machines. Guidelines have been approved by our customers, as well as approved by their foreign partners. If you have a need to correct the translation of technical documentation, contact Translation company Azurit Inc. . We provide a personal manager, two or three translators, editors, proofreaders, and consultant on issues of terminology. All specialists communicate with each other, and the manager will answer all your questions and give all your wishes translator, editor and proofreader. Our team performs any translation on time and with the best quality.

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