Translations of foreign clinics conclusions in translation agency in Kiev

Translation company Azurit Inc. is actively cooperating with foreign partners with both clients and translators. The most active we are cooperating with companies from neighboring countries. The last completed project was a translation from German into Russian of documents on the treatment of patients. We have over 2 years working with a German insurance company, for which we translate as medical reports and recommendations, as well as the legal, statutory and insurance documents. After careful selection, we picked up three translators who came to our customers in style, we have signed an agreement to cooperate and already more than 30 projects. Each translator has fulfilled a small test translation, which we sent to our client. Then customers selected favorite his options, and we started to work. This system allows you to accurately select the best translator for the client, as each person has his usual vocabulary, and each company has its own internal system of terms. Also, thanks to this system we share translators areas: artistic, literal, literary, dry, terminology, etc. Our translators have translated all the medical reports for 54 patients who were treated in Germany. Now all translations viewed by the customer, which as always was satisfied with our work. Contact the Translation company Azurit Inc.  for quality translation of any subject.

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