Completed translation of biochemistry thesis into English

Translation company Azurit Inc. is actively engaged in the promotion and distribution of various works of our Ukrainian scientists. Recently, we come across a large number of texts of the biological, biochemical topics. We now have a whole subsection of translators who specialize in this subject. For example, last order of this kind has been carried out very experienced translator with the two higher educations. He is well versed in biology, biochemistry and bioengineering. He was able to perform a translation of the dissertation, a study of the patent application and accompanying information for 1 week, and more than 100 pages of text complex terminology. We are very pleased that we can now provide services of fast and qualitative translation of the most difficult and obscure layman texts. If you have a need for translation of texts specialized topics, namely the texts of the biological, biochemical, and other destinations, please contact us and our team of specialized translators, who will perform all the translations, page-proofs, editing quality and on time. We will be happy to assist you with any order in any period of time, as we understand the importance of time with the speed of modern life.

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