13.12.16 Translation agency Azurit helps in co-operation with Scandinavian countries

A large number of Ukrainian companies has trade and friendly relations with the Scandinavian countries. Translation company Azurit Inc. always supports all foreign communications of our customers. Our specialists are always ready to assist in the preparation and translation of contracts, translation of invoices and other accounting documents, translation of catalogs, brochures, commercial offers and much more. Any specialized texts are mastered by our translators, from engineering to microbiology and philosophy and poetry. Now our translators of Norwegian and Swedish are actively engaged in the translation of construction documentation for the joint project of Norway, Sweden and Ukraine. Our client is developing a network of supermarkets in these countries, and for this it is necessary to translate all the drawings and plans of supermarket buildings. We are very pleased to be a part of such a great company. All our specialists, from architects to chemists working on this order, as we always provide high quality and good translations. If your company needs good specialists who know their business inside and out, then contact our Translation company Azurit Inc.. We will evaluate with you the whole amount of work, you can get acquainted with our specialists and personally convinced of their competence, then we’ll contact you to discuss the timing and order of delivery format. On this – all the rest of the work we perform for you: we monitor the work of translators, format, and we make up your documents, find ways to save your money and time. Translation company Azurit Inc. the most competent and qualified translation agencies on the territory of Ukraine.

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