15.11.16 Boundless creativity of translation agency Azurit

Translation company Azurit Inc. offers quality translation services of documents, medical and technical texts, manuals, contracts and notarization of documents. The novelty of our translationagency was translating poetry collection of the famous Ukrainian poet-emigrant into Chinese. Chinese translation is not always in great demand, especially in artistic subjects. That is why we approached this translation responsibly, seriously, but still originaly. To the translation a group of the most creative and talented translators of our agency was involved. The enthusiasm and interest in the outcome of our translators have helped to convey the depth and content of this artistic masterpiece – a collection of poems. In addition to translation, we helped the poet to make models of the future book. Each page of the book contains a version of the Ukrainian and Chinese. This way we could represent all emotions of the poet and it seemed to us successful. Currently, we are negotiating with publishers in multiple countries to spread Ukrainian work not only in Ukrainian and in Chinese, but also in other languages. Most joyously the collection of poems was accepted in Germany, Canada, Norway and Austria. Therefore, our work on this order is only beginning. Our team is always happy to help novice writers, poets, journalists to popularize their works in foreign languages abroad, because our translators can convey your thoughts and ideas in the exact form, in which you would like. We are proud of our translators whose professionalism with each new translation increases the number of our loyal and satisfied customers. Translation company Azurit Inc. – we can best any translation.

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