26.09.16 European Day of Languages with Translation company Azurit Inc.

European Day of Languages was first celebrated in 2001 as an integral part of the wire while the European Year of languages. Upon its completion, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided to celebrate the Day of Languages every year on 26 September. On this day, millions of people in countries within or outside the Council of Europe, will organize themselves and participate in activities that contribute to the promotion of linguistic diversity and dedicated to learning a second language.

The aim of the European Day of Languages is to draw attention to the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which should be maintained, as well as to expand the range of languages which people learn throughout their lives, developing language skills, and fostering mutual understanding between peoples. European Day of Languages is an opportunity to pay tribute to all European languages, including rare and those spoken by immigrants.

European Day of Languages is dedicated to the rich mosaic of languages, coexisting in Europe and beyond. Since 2001, every year we celebrate this day, our linguistic diversity and our cultural heritage.

Translation company Azurit Inc. has been actively involved in promoting languages is Europe and all over the world among the Ukrainian population. We support the aspirations of young Ukrainians to study all used English or Hindi mysterious. We are always happy to help with translations into different languages any documents that will help you get closer to other peoples and civilizations.

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