13.09.16 Ukrainian scientific articles abroad

Translation company Azurit Inc. actively supports the initiative of Ukrainian publishing houses to print a variety of scientific articles, books, reports and other papers written by Ukrainians in foreign languages for foreign readers. We often receive various requests for translation of articles on breakthroughs in the field of chemistry, biology, physics and bioengineering etc. Translators of Translation company Azurit Inc. are always ready to translate all the scientific breakthroughs of Ukrainians into any language in the world. In particular, not so long ago, we fullfiled the order on translation of scientific almanac on nanotechnologies in biology. The almanac has been translated into English, German, French and Chinese. Many of the articles in this anthology have already won awards abroad, as they were found to incredible discoveries in their field. To put so much of the specialized literature, we resort to the services of interpreters with two higher educations, one – philology and the second – the technical. Depending on the topic of technical text we refer to translators, interpreters, chemists or engineers. Such a selection of translators promotes proper translation and understandability of translation as a native speaker, and our Ukrainian specialists. Also, all translations are checked by specialists, that is the message the almanac was proofread by our partners from the German translation, England, China and France. This system works, all translations not only meet the highest quality standards of the Ukrainian market, but also can compete with translations provided by European, American and other foreign translation agencies. If you need a perfect translation quality, contactTranslation company Azurit Inc..

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