09.08.16 New horizons

Translation company Azurit Inc. expands and diversifies the scope of its activities every day, so we would like to share the good news. Today, we have successfully completed a project on transfer of documents for the further production of medicines in Ukraine. It was already 37 project of this volume, which we have done for the company, but the first, which included a full package of documents, and has led to the successful launch of the production of much-needed drugs for Ukraine. It is now at an affordable price you can get not only quality, but also proven foreign experience medications. The procedure for obtaining a permit for production and subsequent distribution of drugs is very complicated and time consuming in any country of the world, and Ukraine is no exception. The whole package of documents consisted of more than 1,300 pages of translation. Our translators are engaged in this project for more than two weeks, and put all their knowledge into the project. We are very grateful as the interpreters, and our consultants are carefully checked and adapted all the necessary aspects of the terms and expressions for compliance with all the norms of Ukrainian legislation and generally accepted medical use. Also, we always value our customers and are proud of the fact that for the past 6 years, are the only translation agency for one of the largest health care companies in Ukraine. We can say with full confidence that we feasibly perform translation of any volume and any urgency to any language in the world, because every day Translation company Azurit Inc. makes the impossible possible.

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