International conference support

Last week we received a request to support the international business leaders’ conference in Kyiv. For this event we required simultaneous interpreters (translators who translate sentence by sentence after lecturer in real time), French, German, English and Arabic. We conducted a careful selection of translators who specialize in economic, legal and business topics. After that, we provided all the necessary recommendations, resumes and other documents of our translators client company. After the approval of all the translators we had a very successful event. The conference was a great success and attracted a large number of international attention. Thanks to our translation support for all participants of the conference have been heard and understood. Translation company Azurit Inc. every month holds up to 15 events with the participation of interpreters of different languages from English to Chinese. Experience with multi-language events such as the above conference, helped us to create a large team of professionals who always know all the details of their work. We are proud of our translators, because of their skill and relentless desire to improve themselves and constantly learning something new. It is thanks to them, our translation agency started to introduce new technologies and systems of both oral and written translations. To the best of modern software and translation support, contact Azurite translation agencies.

International conference support обновлено: December 28, 2017 автором: azurit